are diet pills safe

Many people turn to weight loss drugs without thinking when they start trying to lose weight. And between obtaining these pills after consulting a doctor or without, we explain to you some of the most famous harms of slimming drugs scattered in pharmacies.

heart attacks

In the beginning, those who want to obtain these drugs must undergo some medical tests, most of which are related to the heart, but despite taking the necessary precautions, this may not prevent damage from the abundance of steroids in these pills, as they cause an increased risk of heart attack.


These drugs consist of some elements whose meeting in one pill is dangerous, as the presence of amphetamines and anti-anxiety elements inside slimming drugs leads to the addiction of those who take them if they are obtained for long periods.


Among the ingredients that go into making these pills is a substance called sibutramine, a substance that reduces feelings of hunger and suppresses appetite. While some medical studies have indicated that this active substance can cause depression to frightening degrees, as it sometimes reaches those who take these drugs thinking of suicide.

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General side effects

Some slimming medicines contain elements that are important to confine fat, these substances reduce the body’s absorption of nutrients useful to it, which leads to stomach upset. It is also common for those who take slimming pills to suffer from constipation and severe headaches, in addition to noticeable changes in mood.


A good number of slimming drugs consists of a mixture of caffeine and diuretics, which leads to a large loss of water from the body. It seems as if the pills have succeeded in the weight loss process, but in fact it is a temporary success, as the water weight will return. Again, after a while, losing it in a severe way can cause dehydration.

Do not change diets

While relying on these pills, the user of them does not care about following healthy methods with regard to eating, and these are the diets that will benefit him in the long run, so the result is always a return to the excess weight after completing these medications.

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