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Are bananas allowed in the keto diet? It is one of the most beloved foods to everyone without exception. Its taste is irresistible. When you see it, you want to eat it without a specific amount. It is one of the foods that is difficult to dispense with in any diet. Fruits rich in sugar such as pineapple and apples are often excluded. The grapes are from the ketogenic diet, but what about bananas? Are bananas allowed on the keto diet? This is what we will explain in the following lines.

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Bananas and Keto: Are Bananas Allowed on the Keto Diet?

 the banana:

Banana is a herbaceous plant that does not have a bark. It consists of leaves wrapped around each other, suggesting that it is a bark. It also scientifically belongs to the mulberry family.

It is one of the most famous and most important fruits rich in vitamins and minerals important to the body, and there are many scientific references that call it the king of calcium.

Are bananas allowed on keto?

Bananas are high in carbs and sugar, so they don’t fit into most ketogenic diets, but, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy bananas on a keto diet , there are several ways to incorporate bananas into low-carb foods.

Here’s a look at banana nutritional facts, banana calories, low-carb banana alternatives, and how you can eat bananas on a keto diet.

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Banana nutritional value:

To talk about how to integrate bananas into the ketogenic diet, we must first address the nutritional value of bananas. The following table shows the nutritional value of a medium-sized banana on:

Are bananas allowed on keto .. the nutritional value of a medium-sized banana
0 grams Fats
3 grams fiber
14 grams Sugar
24 grams net carbs
1 gram Protein
9% of the Daily Value (DV) potassium
31% of the Daily Value (DV) Vitamin B6
11% of the Daily Value (DV) Vitamin C
8% of the Daily Value (DV) Magnesium
10% of the Daily Value (DV) manganese
1% of the Daily Value (DV) Vitamin A

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Bananas are almost entirely carbs, and a keto diet needs to eat less than 50 grams of carbs per day to keep your body in fat-burning mode.

With this nutritional value, bananas will raise blood sugar levels and then get out of ketosis, so our answer was: Are bananas allowed on a keto diet? No, it is one of the forbidden fruits in the keto diet .

It is also very rich in vitamins and minerals that are very important for a ketogenic diet, but these elements can be replaced through keto alternatives.

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Alternatives to bananas on the keto diet:

The vitamins and minerals that bananas provide can be obtained from other fresh fruits and vegetables with similar nutritional properties, but much less carbohydrates, such as:

  • raspberry
  • Strawberry
  • avocado
  • Cruciferous vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage).

After we have answered the question: Are bananas allowed on the keto diet? And providing food alternatives that are allowed on the keto diet and provide the same nutritional value, we have nothing left but to talk about how to include bananas in the keto diet.

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How to include bananas in the keto diet

Prefect Keto website offers two ways how to include bananas in a ketogenic diet, one of them can be resorted to if eating bananas is salt, and they are as follows:

  1. Natural Banana Extract (flavor)

It is made with real bananas but without the carbs or sugar , and you can use it in a variety of recipes, add it to keto ice cream, or add it to ketogenic bread .

  1. green banana

Green bananas are the natural yellow bananas that have not yet ripened. The starch in ripe bananas represents 1% of the weight, but in green bananas it represents 70-80%. It is resistant starch and is an indigestible type like dietary fiber.

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Resistant starch is a prebiotic that feeds good gut bacteria and can improve digestive health and aid weight loss.

Green bananas are also lower in carbohydrates than ripe bananas, but it can be difficult to accurately measure the number of carbohydrates and therefore should not be eaten in excess.

Thus, we have finished answering a question: Are bananas allowed in the keto diet? It is not keto-friendly, and there are alternatives that offer the same nutritional value that can be resorted to, and if eating bananas is necessary, then you can resort to natural banana extract.

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