Benefits of argan oil for the skin

If you are a fan of natural oils, here you will find the benefits of argan oil for the skin and all the details and tips that will help you extract the maximum benefit from it to enjoy a uniform bright skin without impurities.

When to put argan oil on the face?

If you are asking about the times when argan oil is applied, in this section you will find tips for the best times that enhance the beauty of your skin.

  • In the morning on holidays, wash your face with lotion, and then dry it with paper towels.
  • Using a cotton pad, put two drops of argan oil and wipe your face with it.
  • You can also put argan oil before bedtime by heating drops of it on a hanging on the fire.
  • And then put it on a cotton with a drop of vitamin E and distribute it on your face and do not expose to the light until the morning.
  • Moreover, argan oil before makeup is the best moisturizer that you may put on your skin before foundation.
  • Wash your face well and put one drop on your fingertips and distribute it well until you feel the softness of your skin.
  • Wait ten minutes, then wipe off the excess with a tissue. Start applying your foundation.
  • You will notice an unmatched final appearance, especially if you have dry or combination skin.

Benefits of argan oil for the face before bed

Argan oil is one of the best oils that you can put on your skin at night

  • Deep hydration for the skin that lasts all day, even with foundations and powders.
  • The soft and smooth texture of your skin will last for several days if you do not complain of severe dryness, and in the case of severe dryness, you will find it excellent throughout the day.
  • The application of argan oil at night, especially before bedtime, helps to treat skin problems from the effects of acne and acne.
  • In addition to its ability to remove pigmentation significantly, especially when choosing a cold-pressed type and when regularly applying it daily.
  • Argan oil treats some skin problems such as psoriasis, inflammation and redness. It is suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Delays the appearance of signs of aging and fills in fine lines in the face with use.
  • Helps treat the effects of wounds and hide them while continuing.
  • It also significantly reduces the oiliness of the skin, even for the most oily skin.

Does argan oil tan the skin?

Many women wonder about the effectiveness of argan oil in increasing the pigmentation of melanin or not, so we will not leave you confused and will answer all the questions on your mind.

  • Argan oil alone does not tan the skin, as it helps reduce pigmentation and the effects of grains and everything that may disturb the skin.
  • But argan oil is basically an oil like any oil in front of the heat that will expose your skin to tan.
  • And because argan oil is light, you will not notice a noticeable tan and you can use it as an easy ingredient in making a light tan for the skin.
  • As for argan oil on the face and going down to work, you can put it on for a while and wipe it with a cotton swab so that your skin is not affected and it stays moisturized throughout the day.

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My experience with argan oil for the skin

Here you will find women’s experiences and advice on everything they have seen when using Argan.

  • One of the girls says that she bought argan oil from the pharmacy, washed her face and put a little on her palms.
  • Then she massaged her face with it every day for a quarter of an hour, then wiped it with a cotton ball.
  • She noticed that her skin became tight and moisturized and free of large pores because it works to reduce and close pores, according to her observations.
  • And she used this method daily for two weeks, and she found her face as if it had transformed and became like the face of models and celebrities without flaws or sagging at all.

As for the experiences of older women with wrinkles

  •  A woman says that she used argan oil with avocado and mixed them in the blender.
  • And I put them on her skin until I noticed the dryness of the outer layer of the mixture on the face.
  • I washed them with lukewarm water without lotion or soap, and I noticed that her skin became more elastic, and with repetition, I noticed that the wrinkles had reduced significantly.
  • She says that when she joined the mix because her brother’s wedding was approaching and she wanted to appear smaller, she was shocked by the result of the make-up, which was without makeup, especially since it was in freezing cold.
  • Which made everyone wonder about the secret of the makeup’s stability without any effect from the heat.
  • She says she shared a lot of the recipe and they liked it.


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