benefits of cycling exercise

What are the benefits of a bicycle, why is cycling better than driving and how can it significantly improve your mood? Five good reasons to say “yes” now to a bicycle.

In recent years, we have seen a significant increase in the number of cyclists in the world. The bicycle branch is a very developed branch of the sport, and this can be seen through the increase in the number of shops selling bicycles and equipment for riders.

No matter what is the reason for the remarkable increase and boom in this field, these are the five reasons that will make you jump from chair to bike seat. Here are the benefits of the bicycle!

The benefits of the bicycle are varied

Nothing is more fun than riding a bike outdoors where the wind is blowing in your hair and you can only see the color green around you? I may have exaggerated a little, we are not located in Switzerland, but there are still interesting and beautiful landscapes in our region too. Cycling in the fresh air changes and diversifies all the activities we are accustomed to in the gym. In the gym we run on a stationary track or ride a stationary bike, but we get nowhere…

The benefits of the bicycle as a means of transportation

Let’s admit: congestion on the roads, air pollution and noisy bus travel is an unpleasant experience for each of us. If your workplace is located a few kilometers (7-12 km) in each direction, this is a good choice to take the initiative, cycle, reduce air pollution and burn calories.

In many European countries, bicycles are used as a real means of transportation and are not only used as a means of maintaining physical fitness . Awareness of this issue is growing steadily and as a result more infrastructure, roads and tracks are being built for cyclists. Did you know that the benefits of riding a bicycle for 15 minutes to and from the workplace, about 5 times a week, helps reduce about 5 kg annually? so let’s go – ? Ride the bike and take advantage of it.

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Cycling helps you lose weight

Health care organizations around the world are fighting every day the obesity epidemic that is spreading like wildfire to every corner of the earth. One of the way to eliminate this epidemic is physical activity. As part of this process, organizations are constantly trying to encourage a more active lifestyle as part of the weight loss process and for a higher quality of life.

Cycling is an aerobic exercise that activates the cardiovascular system – the lungs and the large muscles of the body, namely the muscles of the legs. In such an activity, there is a high energy expenditure (calorie burning), which helps to form a negative calorie balance for the trainee and to reduce weight. Riding a bike for an hour can burn a few hundred calories while pedaling the roads and looking at the scenic views. Isn’t it worth a try?

Bicycle.. a safer activity

Cycling is in a seated position, so that the cyclist’s body weight forms the resistance in this activity. The load is relatively small and the long-term damage to the joints is very little. In addition, cycling is less dangerous compared to other sports.

Although it sometimes happens that cyclists are involved in traffic accidents. However, the world’s experts in this field tell you that in any case, the benefits of a bicycle greatly outweigh the risks. Most injuries in cyclists are head injuries. So, don’t forget to wear a helmet every time you ride a bike, don’t forget to obey the traffic lights, keep your distance from parked cars and don’t bike and put headphones on (keep good hearing).

The psychological state of cyclists is also affected

Cycling is a true aerobic activity. Aerobic activity increases blood flow and leads to the release of endorphins in the brain. The physiological process that occurs helps reduce stress, fatigue and depression and at the same time contributes to improving the general feeling, increasing alertness and raising the mood (and of course morale).

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