benefits of mineral water for skin

The benefits of natural mineral water are incomparable

Mineral water contains magnesium, potassium and calcium necessary for the body, in addition to being hydrating just like regular water, but it is important to stay away from types that contain artificial flavors, colors and additives.
The nutritionist, Mirna El-Fata, briefed the readers of “Madam Net” about the most prominent benefits of mineral water. She says first:

Choosing mineral water to drink helps to add a variety of minerals to your diet, and it is important that it comes from a natural source, especially since the minerals in mineral water are more easily absorbed than those found in foods.
Natural mineral water contains an amount of Iron and fluorine for dental health, in addition to being pure and free of bacteria and viruses. It also does not contain calories, and is perfectly suitable for women who follow a certain diet despite getting large amounts of them.” The specialist enumerated the benefits of mineral water as follows:

Benefits of natural mineral water for blood sugar

Mineral water contains bicarbonate found in the human body, and helps maintain a healthy pH of the blood, so that it does not become too acidic, and scientific studies have found that consuming mineral water rich in bicarbonate improves the level of blood sugar.

Natural mineral water is a healthy alternative to soda

  • Drinking natural mineral water is better than soda rich in sugar or devoid of calories; Because soda is either saturated with insulin-boosting sugars or full of very dangerous sugars like aspartame.
  • Sugary drinks have been shown to increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other serious, chronic health conditions.

Natural mineral water, constipation and indigestion

  • A scientific study showed that people with a central nervous disease such as Parkinson’s disease or a brain injury such as a stroke are more likely to develop constipation. This study showed that natural mineral water may be useful in preventing constipation, and is useful in relieving symptoms of indigestion as well.

Natural mineral water and motion sickness

  • Motion sickness is caused by problems with the inner ear, and is a common condition that often occurs in some women who travel by car, plane or train.
    Natural mineral water can help calm this anxiety and get better quickly.

Natural mineral water and muscles

  • Natural mineral water contains a mixture of different minerals that are required for the proper growth and functioning of muscles in the body, and this makes the muscles easier to contract and relax. It also helps increase physical alertness and a person’s overall health.

Natural mineral water and heart disease

  • Studies have indicated that natural mineral water has the ability to metabolize fats from the human body, and this helps reduce bad cholesterol that forms in the capillaries and increases blood pressure, and as a result increases the risk of heart attacks.
  • This is while the natural mineral water hinders the growth and accumulation of bad cholesterol in the capillaries, which reduces the risk of heart disease.
    Magnesium in mineral water is beneficial in promoting heart health, as one scientific study linked higher levels of magnesium in mineral water to a lower risk of death from heart disease.

Natural mineral water and acidity

  • Natural mineral water contains sulfate, which stimulates the pancreas to produce digestive enzymes that prevent other problems such as constipation and bloating, and also reduces the coagulation of toxins in the intestines. Therefore, every woman who suffers from acidity should drink natural mineral water.

Natural mineral water and skin

  • Natural mineral water contains skin-friendly silica particles, this substance is known to give beautiful skin by increasing collagen production in the skin.
    The increase in collagen formation reduces wrinkles and dark spots and also reduces dullness, making the skin more youthful and less pigmented.

Natural mineral water and nutrients

  • The benefits of natural mineral water on health are that it helps meet some of the daily nutritional needs of various nutrients, and is beneficial to the body; Because it protects from several diseases. Mineral water can be a healthy way to get some of these nutrients in addition to your daily diet.
    Natural mineral water contains calcium, iron, fluoride, magnesium, potassium, sodium, bicarbonate and zinc.

Natural mineral water and lower blood pressure

  • Low levels of magnesium contribute to high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and medical conditions that cause irregular heartbeats; Thus, mineral water rich in magnesium may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • A study showed that drinking one liter of mineral water daily helps lower blood pressure.

Natural mineral water and bone strengthening

  • Mineral water contains calcium , which contributes to strengthening bones. Regular exercise and calcium-rich diets also help strengthen bones and prevent loss of density.

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How to use mineral water for skin care?

Are you wondering how to use mineral water to purify and refresh the skin? We have prepared methods of use that you can include in your skincare routine that may be highly effective in cleaning your skin of invisible dirt.

Mineral water for skin care

Mineral water frozen in ice molds!
To make your daily skincare routine more effective, you can freeze mineral water in ice cubes and rub it on your skin every morning to refresh your skin. This program can be very effective in stimulating the skin’s blood circulation and getting rid of dull skin.

What are the results of mineral water on the skin?
The combination of minerals and water that the skin needs, is an effective factor in tightening the skin and helping it to appear clean and radiant. Mineral water helps calm the skin by using it as a tonic that helps cleanse the skin of toxins. The silicone in mineral water helps to strengthen the skin and tighten pores.

How do you clean your skin with mineral water?
You will be able to remove invisible dirt from your skin by pouring mineral water on cotton and using it to clean the skin before going to bed at night. You will also be able to take advantage of its refreshing effect by pouring mineral water into an empty spray bottle and spraying it on the skin.
It is bioactive in eliminating dirt and oil from your skin.



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