benefits of nectarines during pregnancy

Nectarines are a peach-like fruit in appearance, and it is one of the stone fruits, belonging to the family of Rosaceae. The nutritional content of nectarines offers many health benefits, as this fruit contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, phenolic compounds, and fiber.

Is eating nectarines safe during pregnancy?

Benefits of nectarine for pregnant women

Yes, you can enjoy eating nectarines during pregnancy. However, fruits should be washed thoroughly before eating, because unwashed fruit may contain parasites and harmful bacteria that can lead to foodborne illnesses such as listeriosis and toxoplasmosis. Therefore, washing the fruit well ensures that you can enjoy the safe consumption of it during pregnancy.

Health benefits of nectarines during pregnancy

The vitamins and minerals present in nectarines are extremely beneficial for you and your unborn child. Among the most prominent health benefits of eating fruits during pregnancy are the following:

1. Prevents birth defects:

Eating nectarines during pregnancy helps prevent the fetus from developing birth defects. Nectarine fruit contains essential vitamins and minerals, including folic acid, so it reduces the risk of developing neural tube defects such as spina bifida. Eating this fruit during pregnancy enhances the health of the fetus.

2. Growth and development of the fetus:

Nectarines are a great source of fiber and vitamin C, which contribute to the proper growth and development of the fetus. The content of nutrients in this fruit helps in the development of muscles and blood vessels of the unborn child. The potassium content in nectarines helps prevent muscle cramps and boosts energy levels during pregnancy.

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3. Eye protection:

Nectarines contain lutein, an important nutrient that promotes eye health and reduces the risk of eye diseases during pregnancy. Lutein is also a powerful antioxidant. This fruit also contains adequate amounts of vitamin A and beta-carotene, and this helps to maintain good eye health, improve vision, and prevent the risk of xerophthalmia or blindness.

4. Prevents the risks of potassium deficiency in the blood:

The potassium content in nectarines is extremely beneficial for cells and nerves to function properly during pregnancy. Potassium aids in protein synthesis, metabolism, enhances muscle function, and consumes carbohydrates. Eating this fruit prevents some problems such as potassium deficiency in the blood, which may negatively affect muscle health.

5. Promotes healthy skin:

Nectarine fruit contains bioflavonoids, lutein, beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin A, and antioxidants that protect your skin from damage and help boost skin health significantly during pregnancy. Vitamin C helps in the formation of collagen and maintain the health and luster of your skin. Lutein provides a protective image and guarantees that protects your skin from free radicals and ultraviolet rays that negatively affect the skin.

6. Helps Digestion:

The fiber content in the alkaline medium, helps in promoting digestion and maintaining good health. Fiber absorbs water easily, promotes smooth bowel movement, and thus prevents the risk of constipation, ulcers, and gastritis during pregnancy. Nectarines also enhance the process of removing harmful toxins from the body.

7. Protects from cancer:

The chlorogenic acid found in nectarines helps prevent tumors, as this acid prevents the growth of cancerous cells and protects you from the development of some types of cancer such as colon cancer and lung cancer.

8. Protecting the heart:

Nectarines contain antioxidants that help protect the heart and blood vessels from diseases. Eating nectarines also helps maintain good cholesterol levels and reduce bad cholesterol. Therefore, it is considered essential during pregnancy.

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