Benefits of Omega-3s For Hair & Skin

The body needs to eat many nutrients, most notably vitamins and minerals, in order to maintain health and reduce the risk of potentially dangerous diseases, and nutrients are very important for the growth of the body and the formation of cells, and nutrients are divided into two parts, the first section being nutrients that are eaten in large quantities Such as fats, carbohydrates, protein, and the second section is micronutrients that are represented by minerals and vitamins, and in this article we will learn about the benefits of omega-3 for hair .

What are omega-3 acids?

Omega-3 acids are known as a type of polyunsaturated fat, and the body needs these acids to be able to perform its functions to the fullest.Omega 3Necessary for building brain cells, and constitutes the main part of the cellular membranes in the body. The human body can manufacture most types of fats, but it is not able to manufacture omega-3, so it must be obtained from foods.

Benefits of omega 3 for hair

Eating omega 3 from its natural sources or in the form of nutritional supplements benefits hair greatly, and among the most prominent benefits of omega 3 for hair are the following:

  • Contributes to hair growth

Hair growth in people ranges from about half a millimeter per day, and they lose about 50 to 100 hairs per day, and eating omega-3 contributes to reducing hair loss, preventing its breakage, and also helping to grow new follicles, reducing scalp inflammation and nourishing follicles.Poetry.

  • Give hair shine and strength

Omega-3 acids help thicken hair and give it strength and shine.

  • Moisturizing the scalp

Omega-3 acids provide the necessary moisture to the scalp, and contribute to stimulating blood circulation, which limits the dryness of the scalp and prevents the formation of dandruff, as it produces oils inScalp.

  • Reducing hair loss

Omega-3 helps maintain the integrity of cell membranes, and omega-3 acids improve hair growth, promoting the growth of follicles in the dermis, a layer in the skin.

Where is omega 3 found in food?

Omega-3 is found in many foods, including the following:

  • oils

The most important oils that contain omega-3 acids are walnut oil, soybean oil, mustard oil, flaxseed oil, cod liver oil, and canola oil.

  • Vegetables

Vegetables contain fiber, minerals, and vitamins and are also a natural source of omega-3, especially leafy green vegetables, including: cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts.

  • Nuts and grains

Cereals and nuts that contain omega-3 acids are almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, oats, flax seeds, pistachios, and hazelnuts.

  • Miscellaneous foods

It includes yogurt, soy milk, milk, ghee, and eggs.

  • Fish and seafood

Fish and seafood are food sources rich in omega-3 acids, most notably: mackerel, salt fish, tuna, trout, sardines, oysters, and halibut.

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In this article, we mentioned the benefits of omega 3 for hair , and omega 3 is available in some vegetables, all seafood and other natural foods that provide the body with the necessary nutrients that are beneficial to general health. Many diseases, most notably infections and dehydration, and important nutrients for the health of the body that it cannot produce are omega-3 acids, which humans cannot do without, due to their many health and aesthetic benefits. 

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Benefits of omega 3 for the skin

Omega-3 acids are very beneficial for the health of the body in general, and are necessary for the health of hair and skin. In the following lines, we will learn about the most prominent benefits of omega-3 for the skin:

  • Omega-3 acids help stimulate blood circulation in the skin, which contributes to the arrival of high levels of nutrients and oxygen to the skin, which helps to unify skin tone and reduce the appearance ofbrown spots.
  • Omega-3 acids also contribute to protecting the skin from damage caused by free radicals, as it gives it purity and freshness, and helps protect it from pigmentation, and also rid it of pimples andyoung love.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids help calm the inflammation that affects the skin as a result of diseases such as eczema, and also increases the moisture of the skin.
  • It helps to renew skin tissues and cells, which helps protect it from the appearance of fine lines and early wrinkles.

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