Benefits of Poppy Seeds

Today, learn about the benefits of poppy seeds or wicker seeds, a well-known ingredient that finds a place in many Indian cuisines. Although it has a peculiar nutty taste, it is highly recommended when you need to add a nice flavor to any kitchen.

types of poppy seeds 

Various types of poppy seeds are readily available. Among these common types are:

  • White Poppy Seeds – Also known as Indian/Asian poppy seeds
  • Oriental poppy seed – also known as opium poppy
  • Blue Poppy Seeds – Also known as European Poppy Seeds

Top 12 Benefits of Poppy Seeds

The benefits of poppy seeds for the body are numerous. Let’s learn about the 12 most important benefits of poppy seeds. Here are some of the common benefits of poppy seeds:

Poppy seeds to improve fertility

Poppy seeds play a pivotal role in increasing female fertility. It is known to remove mucus from the fallopian tubes and help in achieving pregnancy. It also enhances sexual desire and improves sexual health by increasing sexual desire.

Fights insomnia

Opium poppy is effective in inducing sleep. The seeds are known to have a calming effect, they help reduce stress levels. It can be taken in the form of tea or made into a paste and mixed with warm milk to enjoy a blessed sleep. Also read 4 ways to treat insomnia .

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strengthens bones

Being rich in copper and calcium, poppy seeds help in improving bone health. The manganese in the seeds helps in the production of collagen protein that protects the bones from severe damage. Also read our Best Foods for Bone Health profile .

improves digestion

Poppy seeds are a rich source of insoluble fiber and help in strengthening the digestive system and effectively treating constipation.

Effective treatment for mouth ulcers

Due to their cooling effect on the body, poppy seeds are known to be a wonderful remedy for mouth ulcers. However, only limited research is known to support this ideology.

regulating blood pressure

Oleic acid, an essential component of poppy seeds, is known to lower blood pressure levels .

Poppy seeds for eyes

The zinc and antioxidant content in poppy seeds help improve vision and protect against eye diseases such as macular degeneration. Also read eye care tips for healthy vision .

Helps treat kidney stones

The potassium content in poppy seeds helps treat kidney stones and also prevents their recurrence. Also read 5 Symptoms of Kidney Stones .

Good for the thyroid

Zinc is a central component of the thyroid glands, and thanks to its rich zinc content, poppy seeds play an important role in the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Also read the 8 best foods for thyroid patients .

Diabetes treatment

Poppy seeds occupy an integral place in a diabetic diet . The manganese in the seeds helps treat diabetes.

natural home

For generations, poppy seeds have been a tried and tested option for pain relief. Many ancient medical practitioners used the analgesic properties of poppy seeds to soothe their patients from pain and discomfort. Some reports also suggest consuming poppy tea, made by mixing the seeds with hot water, to reduce pain. The pain relieving property is remarkably high in the opium type of poppy seed.

Helps treat dandruff

Prepare a paste of soaked poppy seeds, white pepper and suspended yoghurt and apply it to your hair. Leave for half an hour and wash off. Use regularly to prevent dandruff. Read more about home remedies for dandruff

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