Benefits of rose quartz and marriage in the energy of the place

Using rose quartz to attract love and marriage in feng shui

rose quartz stone in feng shui

Rose quartz is found in various colors in nature, from white, pink, smoky, and blue to black, which is then called morion.

As for rose quartz, it is a cracked, dark crystal that can change color over time. The use of rose quartz is said to date back to 7000 BC, Egyptians and Romans are also said to have used rose quartz face masks to take care of the skin and fight wrinkles.

Crystals and gemstones have been widely used in feng shui treatments, because of their healing, protection, enrichment, and love-attracting effects, as their vibrating energy enhances the place you are in, whether home, office or car.

pink quartz stone

Rose quartz , or the crystal of love and romance, emits specific frequencies to heal the heart and mind. Quartz emits a powerful vibration of love, fun, and self-healing.

A Brief History of Rose Quartz

For thousands of years, scientists have been alerted to the properties of rose quartz. In the Sumerian inscriptions, Buddhist and Chinese books, they referred to the properties of rose quartz, its rays, and its vibrations.

As for the famous philosopher Aristotle and many Greek scientists, they mentioned the issue of healing with precious stones, including rose quartz, and their ability to heal as well.

Benefits of rose quartz stone for marriage

Rose quartz is considered one of the best feng shui cures for love and marriage, as it is a popular cure for love, peace and self-compassion.

Rose quartz is the stone of love and marriage par excellence, as it is famous for its use for singles who want to attract a life partner.

Rose quartz is also famous for its ability to heal old wounds, and painful memories associated with love and relationships, due to its association with the heart chakra.

If you went through a failed marriage experience, allow the rose quartz stone to heal your heart and forget your worries, as quartz is the most powerful remedy for divorce cases and emotional pain in general.

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The healing benefits of rose quartz stone

Rose quartz has been widely used on the health level since ancient times, as it was believed that rose quartz and all precious stones have a strong healing energy that repairs and heals the body and helps in the following diseases:

  • Rose quartz helps in cases of infertility in both sexes.

  • Rose quartz helps with blood pressure, as well as in regulating the circulatory system in the body.

  • Rose quartz is also recommended for insensitive, petrified souls to soften their hearts.

  • Rose quartz stone helps in promoting blood flow and improving the body’s immune system ability.

  • Rose quartz helps in purifying the blood of toxins.

  • Rose quartz relieves pain and stress for the wearer.

  • Rose quartz helps the digestive system and improves its functions

  • Rose quartz increases the ability to focus and improve brain function

Benefits of rose quartz for the skin

For a more fresh and youthful skin, you can use rose quartz stone soaked in a water bottle overnight and under moonlight and you can use this solution as a face wash to reduce the signs of aging.

How to use rose quartz stone according to feng shui

Rose quartz stone is widely popular in use to attract love energy, as it is associated with feminine energy including a mother’s love for her children, a husband for his wife, and a person’s love for himself as well. If you have a problem with self-acceptance, quartz stone is able to help you.

But if your work requires the kindness and mercy of the same orphanages or nursing homes, but you cannot stand the nature of your work and feel harsh towards others, it is good to carry a rose quartz stone in your pocket or purse.

Rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra, making it ideal for all aspects of love, and as it is the center of the chakras, it has the power to heal all aspects of emotional life and a broken heart.

Where do I put rose quartz according to feng shui

The pink quartz stone is placed in the energy of the place in the southwest, you can determine it by the compass, as the pink color in feng shui is associated with love and rose quartz is an excellent attractive pink color to invite life partner.

To improve marital relationship put rose quartz in southwest, bedrooms in the shape of two pieces of hearts or mandarin ducks, to bring romance with your partner. 

If you intend to get married, rose quartz stone is also suitable in the bedroom to attract love and marriage, there must be two stones, one representing you and one representing your future partner.

Put a piece of rose quartz in the center of the house or apartment to enhance sympathy and love between family members

One of the common applications is to use rose quartz stone as a necklace to strengthen the heart chakra with the intention of balancing it and working on its healing.

You can put the rose quartz stone in the center of the house, along with a group of other gemstones in a bowl to make all family members love and sympathy.

Beautiful application You can also buy rose quartz stone in the form of bracelets, jewelry or inside a purse, which makes rose quartz stone close to you all the time.

How can I choose the right quartz stone for me

When choosing your quartz stone , you must buy it yourself, do not let anyone do it for you, let your heart lead you to the best one that will help you.

How to clean gemstones from negative energy and how to charge them

Almost all types of crystals and gemstones, including rose quartz of course, absorb all kinds of energy and negative and positive charges, so they must be cleaned every period of time, because negative charges will be a burden on gemstones.

To discharge negative charges from rose quartz do the following:

Put the rose quartz stone in pure water for two days, thanking the water that draws out negative charges, purifies it and restores it to its natural state.

It is also possible to bury rose quartz in the dirt for several hours, and clean it with water after taking it out.

The stone can be fumigated with sage herb (Salmiya) in the Moroccan language.

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