What we eat affects the health of the skin. Food is the fuel that nourishes the body, but it also has an effect on the skin. Our bodies function better when we provide them with healthy, balanced and nutritious food at the same time.

When it comes to having beautiful, healthy and glowing skin, a healthy skin diet must be followed, as diets are no longer important only for weight loss and control, but also become essential in the field of skin care. Based on this idea, the Glam Diet contributes to the care of your skin, and purifies it from impurities.

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This diet is based on eating foods that nourish the skin, and are rich in vitamins and good fats. If you are considering adopting a diet, whether it is to lose weight or build a healthy lifestyle, it is important to be aware of the effect it may have on your skin.

List of foods that benefit the skin according to the Glam Diet

A simple change in the type of food has a significant impact on the health and freshness of the skin in the long run. What you eat has a direct impact on several aspects such as hormonal balance, the appearance of pimples, and causing or reducing inflammation of the skin, which can accelerate its aging. Then add these foods to purify the skin and delay its aging, according to the Glam Diet.

1- Eat green foods

Organic green cabbage, for example, or what is known in English as kale, is one of the green plants that is very useful for your beauty and has wonderful features. It is one of the best sources of lutein and zeaxanthin, which are components that help protect your skin from harmful rays, and this plant is also a very rich source of vitamin A. And vitamin C to tighten the skin. There are also many herbs that have wonderful effects on the skin, and they are available in abundance, such as: parsley, coriander, mint, rosemary, and thyme. These herbs are full of antioxidants, and contribute greatly to protecting the skin and preventing the appearance of early lines and wrinkles.

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2- Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are very beneficial for health, and we all know that, but we must eat them in their season, as seasonal fruits and vegetables have high nutritional benefits, while non-seasonal fruits and vegetables are kept in the refrigerator for long times, which makes them lose their nutritional value. For example, beta-carotene, which turns into vitamin A inside the body, is found in abundance in orange-colored fruits and vegetables, such as carrots and pumpkins, and its importance lies in maintaining the smoothness and suppleness of the skin and protecting it from wrinkles.

3- Drink herbal tea or natural juice

Replace tea and coffee with beneficial herbs such as green tea, or you can also replace them with natural juice, such as orange juice, lemon, or grapefruit, you can also add ginger.

4- Eat salmon

Good news for all salmon lovers, because it is very beneficial for the skin. Salmon fights the signs of aging and helps treat damaged skin, such as dark spots and pigmentation. The antioxidants in it keep the skin healthy, beautiful and fresh. Salmon purifies the skin, maintains its moisture and protects it from infections such as acne.

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5- Eat raw nuts

Raw nuts such as almonds, pistachios, cashews… contain vitamins and proteins that nourish the skin. So add it to your diet, and instead of eating potato chips or fried nuts while watching movies, prepare a plate of raw nuts, this is how you enjoy while watching the movie and at the same time maintain the health of your skin.

Tips to consider when following the Glam Diet

There is no more annoying feeling when you look in the mirror and find that your skin is not fresh, and that there are impurities ruining the beauty of your face, especially if you have an important occasion! From here, you can make a simple change to your diet to get glowing skin, as there are skin-damaging foods that you should avoid as much as possible, according to the Glam Diet, which we will present to you in the following.

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1- Avoid eating too much fried potatoes

Potato chips are rich in hydrogenated oils and starch, both of which are bad for the health of your skin. The same applies to French fries, which are high in sugars and fats, which also damage the health of your skin. It may be annoying, but you have to stop eating it to keep your skin healthy on one hand, and of course not to gain weight.

2- Avoid eating too much sugar

It is always advised to stay away from eating sugar because it leads to weight gain, but it also has a negative effect on your skin. Research has proven that eating large amounts of sugars and sweets will lead to skin blemishes and acne formation. Try reducing your sugar intake for a while and see for yourself the difference in your skin.

3- Avoid eating too much chocolate

Chocolate activates the secretion of fat in the body, and causes irritation to the skin, which leads to excessive secretion of fat, the appearance of grains, and other impurities on the skin. But you can eat dark chocolate that does not contain sugar, this kind keeps you safe.

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4- Avoid eating too much fatty foods

The fats you eat activate the fat cells in the skin, making it more prone to acne formation. Make sure that the meat dishes you eat do not contain fat, thus keeping your skin clear and in shape as well.

5- Avoid eating too much dairy products

Dairy products raise blood sugar and affect your hormonal activity, thus causing blemishes on the skin. Don’t deprive yourself of dairy products, but choose ones made with almond milk or coconut milk to keep your skin healthy.

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6- Avoid drinking too much soft drinks

Drinking soft drinks means that you are giving your body a huge amount of sugar with every sip, and as we mentioned before, sugar is not good for your skin. So for skin care, try to stay away from soft drinks.

7- Avoid eating too much fast food

It’s a creamy mixture of sugars and fats, two ingredients that damage the skin so much, and if you take a soft drink with your meal, you’re making matters worse! But, do not be afraid, there are many foods that are useful for the skin that we will present to you in the following lines.

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