Does ginseng cause weight gain

Is ginseng pills for weight gain guaranteed or just rumors?

Ginseng pills for weight gain There has been a lot of rumors about them, as there are many studies that have proven that they are based on an effective and fast way to gain weight. On the other hand, there were some promotional sites that emphasized that these pills work to reduce weight. And between each of these opinions, and among the other sayings, it is necessary to identify the best healthy ways in which these pills can be taken, in addition to identifying the correct way to take these pills. And what is the correct effect of these pills on weight. All this and more, we will learn about it in the following article, which explains everything related to ginseng pills in detail.

Various studies on ginseng pills for weight gain

There have been a lot of innumerable foreign studies about ginseng pills for weight gain, and their ineffectiveness in gaining weight. Among them were the following studies:

The first study

  • A study evaluated the effects of ginseng on both the way food is digested and the absorption systems in the body.
  •  The study also resulted in ginsenosides, one of the compounds found in ginseng.
  • It can increase energy intake by stimulating the tonic pathway on AMP.
  •  This energy consumption leads to fat burning and weight reduction .
  • On the other hand, ginseng has a two-way modulating effect on lipogenesis. Especially on people who are obese and diabetic due to a high-fat diet.

The second study The
results of this study show that ginseng pills for weight gain are completely similar to the results of the previous study. But she added some information regarding ginseng and weight loss, which are:

  • Ginseng’s ability to reduce weight varies according to its type, as each type contains a specific amount of ginsenosides.
  • Also, the less this compound was, the less the effect of ginseng for weight loss .
  • It is worth noting that the method of extracting ginseng did not affect the effectiveness of this herb in reducing weight.

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Other benefits of ginseng pills

Ginseng capsules with French coffee

After getting to know the reality of ginseng pills for weight gain and their ability to restore normal weight. The potential benefits of ginseng can be identified in the following:

  • Boosting immunity, as it works to boost the immune system. This is because a certain type of ginseng extract, especially American ginseng, might reduce the severity of colds in adults.
  • In addition to regulating blood sugar, ginseng pills were found to  reduce blood sugar levels . Therefore, be careful not to take ginseng pills with diabetes medications. This is to reduce the occurrence of a significant drop in sugar, leading to severe symptoms that may reach the point of coma.
  • On the other hand, it improves memory. Ginseng may enhance focus and learning, especially if taken with ginkgo leaf extract.
  • It also improves mood , as a study found that ginseng pills for weight gain improve mood and reduce stress and anxiety. Thus, it is due to the food that a person eats after taking the pills, which improves mood.

Side effects of ginseng pills for women

The benefits of ginseng pills for weight gain are that it may contribute to the reduction of many diseases. But it has an effect on some women, including:

  • It works to enlarge the breast volume in women , which increases their self-confidence.
  • In addition, it increases the sexual desire of women during intimacy .
  • It also increases blood pressure during menstruation.
  • In addition to reducing the symptoms of menopause, which affects women.
  • Reducing tiredness and fatigue that women feel during the menstrual cycle.

When do the results of ginseng pills appear for weight gain?

There are a lot of studies on the weight gain mechanism that underlies Ginseng. As the time during which the desired results are obtained can be clarified through the following:

  • The ginseng herb contains compounds that have powerful antioxidant properties. This may help reduce inflammation.
  • In addition to the compounds ginsenosides, which have anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Ginseng is also commonly used to help reduce inflammation. A study conducted on isolated human cells indicated that Korean red ginseng extract may be useful as an immunosuppressive agent .
  • On the other hand, a small study of 18 men indicated. suggests that Korean red ginseng supplementation can reduce exercise-induced muscle damage and inflammatory responses. Which helps improve insulin sensitivity.
  • Besides, another study indicated that ginseng pills for weight gain may reduce levels of oxidative stress. And that by increasing the activity of antioxidant enzymes in postmenopausal women .
  • Accordingly, these studies were indicating that these ginseng pills for weight gain cannot help in obtaining the desired weight. However, its effect is often undesirable.

My experience with ginseng capsules

Weight gain is one of the things that some women who suffer from hormonal problems may want. Or in the case of a desire to treat thinness and be more feminine, as this is evident through the following points:

  • Ginseng pills for weight gain are one of the best choices recommended by nutritionists, because of their many benefits and high nutritional values.
  • There have been some experiences that have been confirmed by her experience with Vitamin Ginseng. It helped me a lot in gaining many kilos. Until her body became suitable for her age after she had been suffering from thinness for a long time.
  • It is worth noting that the experience of others with these pills came after many unsuccessful attempts, which led to his anemia.
  • Also, with the commitment to take these pills and some other instructions, I was able to solve the problem of thinness.
  • This was what prompted her to transfer her experience with ginseng pills to gain weight to many friends to get a healthy body. In addition, she shared the tips that helped her gain weight in a healthy way.

Advantages of vitamin ginseng capsules to eliminate thinness

Ginseng pills for weight gain have many benefits and advantages that make doctors recommend them to everyone who suffers from the problem of thinness, because they:

  • In the beginning, it is made of natural materials that help to solve the problem without causing harm to the body.
  • Its biggest advantage is that it increases the desire to eat, which leads to weight gain within a few weeks .
  • In addition, Korean ginseng pills help to gain weight naturally without getting any fat that harms the body.
  • On the other hand, you must exercise while taking pills. In order not to lead to obesity,
  • It also helps to improve the shape of the external body. Where it helps to form muscles and nerves, and works to open the appetite.
  • It is worth noting that ginseng capsules help increase digestion. Which helps to increase the body’s use of food significantly.
  • On the other hand, ginseng pills kill the germs that form in the stomach and reduce the individual’s access to the benefits found in food.

Effects of ginseng pills on the body

Ginseng pills for weight gain have many important benefits, which we mentioned in the previous paragraphs. But despite that, there are some side effects caused by ginseng pills. For example:

  • Ginseng pills sometimes lead to a disturbance in the speed of the heartbeat . Where the heart rate may increase significantly. This may display
  • It can also cause problems with the menstrual cycle for some women.
  • In addition, taking ginseng pills for long periods of time can cause annoying itching or rashes.
  • It often causes stomach pain in users, if the user increases the dose.
  • On the other hand, ginseng pills for weight gain cause dizziness and fatigue .
  • Ginseng pills cause headaches several times a day.
  • It is worth noting, that it can lead to women feeling great pain in the breast, due to the hormonal disturbances caused by the pills.

How to use vitamin ginseng to gain weight?

ginseng tea drink

Relying on ginseng pills to gain weight and also ginseng tea is an ideal solution to gaining weight. However, it is not recommended to use ginseng pills without medical care, for the following reasons:

  • The first step that the doctor takes is that he determines the dose that the patient takes in a day based on several factors, including the patient’s body and age.
  • The usual dose can be two tablets of Korean ginseng per day. It is divided twice a day, once after breakfast and once after lunch.
  • On the other hand, the dose can be 4 tablets per day in some cases. Where these tablets are divided into the main meals of the day.
  • And the doctor can reduce the dose as the individual’s body improves by gaining grams of weight gain.
  • It is worth noting that doctors advise to use the medicine on time so as not to cause any harm to the patient.
  • The patient should not increase the number of tablets per day without consulting the doctor.
  • It is worth noting that the doctor warns against continuing to take ginseng pills to gain weight after obtaining the appropriate body for the patient’s age. Because this can lead to the patient feeling very severe side effects.

Drug interactions with ginseng capsules

Most doctors advise patients not to take ginseng pills to gain weight that has been set by the doctor in some cases where the patient is taking other medications. This is evidenced by the following:

  • First, ginseng pills interact with medicines made from natural herbs. Hence, you should be careful of that.
  • Second, ginseng pills interact with antidepressant drugs . As ginseng pills reduce the benefits of these drugs.
  • Third, ginseng pills interact greatly with insulin. Thus, it is forbidden to be taken by diabetics.
  • Fourth, ginseng pills and their importance for weight gain interact with medications that some use to get rid of neurological problems, mental disorders and heart disorders. For example, Xanax, Restulam and other sedatives. Therefore, follow-up should be done with both a nutritionist and a psychiatrist and neurologist.
  • Fifthly, it interacts greatly with drugs related to hormone therapy, and therefore it is necessary to beware of taking these drugs.

 What is the price of ginseng pills from the pharmacy?

Many people who suffer from thinness, most of them resort to using the treatment of ginseng pills to gain weight, after consulting the doctor. Where these capsules are available in pharmacies at the following prices:

  • The price of Korean ginseng pills is approximately 65 Saudi riyals, with a concentration of 500 mg, and they are capsules.
  • In addition, the price of Marnys Ginseng 1000 mg 30 capsules, equivalent to 79 Saudi riyals
  • The price of the Korean Red Ginseng Power is also at 345 Saudi riyals, where the box consists of 20 sachets, with a concentration of 10 mg.

korean ginseng capsules

  • On the other hand, ginseng capsules are available at a price of 211 SAR, at a concentration of 500 mg, with 100 capsules available.
  • American ginseng pills are also available at a price of 700 pounds per package, in addition to ginseng capsules at a concentration of 100 mg, available at a price of 8 pounds.

American ginseng

  • It is worth noting that ginseng syrup is available, at a concentration of 47 mg, at a price of 5 Egyptian pounds.
  • Ginseng with Nigellas is available in Egyptian pharmacies, where the concentration of one capsule is equivalent to 100 mg, and it is available in pharmacies at a price of 11 Egyptian pounds.
  • Finally, Ginsana capsules are available at a price of 100 EGP per pack.

When should you refrain from using ginseng capsules?

There are some people who are not recommended to take ginseng pills to gain weight, and it is necessary to communicate with their doctor to find out the best alternative to it. Among these people are the following:

  • Doctors warn that pregnant women should not use ginseng pills, as they may lead to miscarriage of the child .
  • It is also not recommended to use ginseng pills for children under 8 years old.
  • In addition, it is not recommended to use it for those who are on a diet.
  • On the other hand, doctors do not recommend using ginseng pills besides taking diabetes or stress pills.
  • It also warns against the use of Korean ginseng pills for people who suffer from urinary tract infections .
  • It is not recommended for use by people who take blood-thinning medications.

Natural ways to gain weight

Since ginseng pills for weight gain and the technique you work with to reduce or increase weight is a matter of controversy, it may cause serious complications. Here are a few ways to gain weight naturally:

  • Drinking milk, as it was found that drinking milk, especially after exercising, increases weight significantly if it is continued for a long time.
  • In addition to eating nuts, because eating a handful of nuts a day increases weight. It also offers many other health benefits being rich in unsaturated fats and antioxidants.
  • In addition to eating starchy foods. It increases muscle mass as well as fatty tissue in the body, so eating one of them a day increases weight.
  • Do bodybuilding exercises , where you aim to gain weight in a healthy way. This is because exercise depends on increasing muscle mass in the body.

In conclusion, we have learned through the past lines about ginseng pills for weight gain, their advantages and disadvantages. In addition to identifying the price of ginseng products to get rid of the problem of thinness in the Egyptian market, and other information related to personal experiences with ginseng capsules.

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