Green juice ingredients and benefits

Green juice.. What is it and what are its most prominent health benefits?

Have you ever heard of green juice? It is that drink that has spread in recent times through social networking sites , thanks to its many health benefits that we are now revealing, in addition to some of its side effects that must also be taken into account.

green juice

There is no official recipe for green juice, but it usually consists of a group of vegetables that have been juiced, as it contains spinach, cucumber, parsley and celery, as well as beetroot, kale and other elements that increase its health benefits.

It is possible to add some fruits to this juice, whether they are green or not, as they contribute to improving its taste to a large extent, among these fruits are apples, lemons, berries, kiwis, oranges and grapefruit.

Green juice contains a number of important nutrients, as kale and beetroot, for example, contain vitamins A and K, while wheatgrass, which is one of the components of this drink, contains vitamin C in addition to the very important iron, which reveals the many benefits of green juice. .

green juice for weight loss

The green drink is one of the means to help some lose weight and get rid of excess body fat, since it contains a group of nutrients that increase the chances of burning calories.

Green juice also increases the feeling of fullness and satiety, and rids the body of toxins, becoming an ideal alternative to other popular drinks, which contain a lot of sugars that are harmful to health.

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green juice for skin

This green juice has a very important benefit for anyone looking to improve their skin, as this drink contains appropriate amounts of vitamin C, which leads to an increase in the freshness and radiance of the skin.

The green juice also includes percentages of vitamin E, and ideal amounts of antioxidants, so it provides the skin with all the elements it needs capable of maintaining its youth and facing its own crises.

green juice for constipation

Green juice, with its mixture of green foods, is also of great importance in improving stomach health and raising the capabilities of the digestive system, thus reducing the chances of various health problems.

Green juice works to reduce symptoms of constipation, by taking advantage of its similar properties to probiotics , so it serves as a source of beneficial bacteria that improve stomach health over time.

Green juice for disease prevention

In general, green juice works to some extent to strengthen the body’s immune system, so that the sure result in this case is to reduce the chances of suffering from a group of diseases, foremost of which are heart disease and inflammatory crises, as well as the decline in mental abilities associated with aging or Alzheimer’s.

Some experts also point out that the green juice can reduce the chances of suffering from cancerous diseases, but all those protective abilities of this drink are still being studied and researched by scientists, in order to confirm them.

Green juice side effects

Despite the many health benefits associated with green juice, there are some side effects that can be noticed if you get this famous drink.

Experts believe that the real crisis lies in replacing a number of vegetables and fruits from the main meals with green juice, as it contains them. However, these juices always reduce the dietary fiber inside, so the body in this case lacks the means to control blood pressure , sugar and cholesterol levels It also contributes to improving gut health.

It does not stop there, but the protein-free green juice, along with dietary fiber, can cause an increase in blood sugar, given that it usually contains sugars coming from its components from the fruit, knowing that it is a low-carb juice.

Vegetables also contain oxalic acid, which prevents the digestive system from absorbing useful minerals. The proportion of this acid in ordinary vegetables may not be alarming, but its presence in green juice may increase the effect of the aforementioned acid to a degree that harms the kidneys, and may cause them to fail or cause kidney problems. Kidney stones, which reveals the danger of excessive drinking.

In conclusion, green juice seems brimming with health benefits if obtained along with various nutrients, but the damages of this drink always appear on the surface, when it takes the place of other healthy meals, or when you drink it excessively.

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