Hair ampoules and how to use them?

Hair care ampoules are small vials, either made of plastic or glass, similar to small bottles or jars that contain 5 to 15 ml of product. They are closed boxes and packed in sets. They are supposed to provide a treatment for a week or several weeks. What is it and how does it work?

hair ampoules

Most cosmetic brands offer ampoules that can be purchased individually rather than in sets. This is a great alternative for all women who want to try a specific type of ampoules before deciding to get the full range, many cosmetic companies also offer ampoules based on rejuvenating hair follicles and scalp . date) or any other occasion when you need your hair to look its best. However, if applied to the hair only once, ampoules cannot be considered the ideal treatment as they do not fight the problem at its source. In other words, it neither regenerates nor strengthens hair follicles.

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How to use it:
This hair ampoules can be used irregularly; Either, as mentioned above, before a big event when the occasion dictates a healthy, chic look, or simply once or twice a week as an intense alternative to a hair mask or every day as an intense treatment.

The method:
Hair ampoules that are supposed to act as a hair- repair treatment should be rubbed into the scalp to replenish the strands at their roots (it works deep into the hair follicles). This type of ampoule must be applied every day. It must be chosen with a composition that contains natural substances that do not irritate the scalp and do not cause allergic reactions. The best solution is to find a treatment based on botanicals or natural oils, only materials derived from nature can reach the hair follicles and gradually improve their condition. The truth is that many oils can speed up hair growth, slow down the aging process, and visibly delay graying of hair.

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