hair types

There are many different types of hair, and everyone is interested in determining his hair type in order to use the prevention methods that suit him. Research has proven that the reason for the difference in hair quality is the shape of the hair shaft, as if the diameter of the hair is circular, the hair is in a straight shape or if it is in Oval shape hair is curly, and everyone should protect and maintain their hair.

hair types for men

There are four different types of men’s hair and the type of hair is determined by genetics and we will now learn about each type that follows me.

straight hair

  • It is easy to control and you can do a lot of different styles with it, it goes with all fashion trends.
  • You can confirm whether your hair is fine or not by examining the first 6 cm of your hair.
  •   If you notice that your hair is not curly in the first 6cm, then your hair is straight type

wavy hair

  • Its name is derived from the curvature that grows from the hair follicle, and when the hair is shortened, you can easily distinguish wavy hair from smooth hair.
  • Waves start to appear when they are allowed to lengthen and if you are not sure what type of hair your hair is, leave it to three inches.
  • And while wavy hair retains all the versatility of smooth hair, it has extra volume.
  • It can look amazing on medium and long lengths, and it is a favorite type for men as it is easy to comb and you can do a lot of styles with it.

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coiled hair

  • Or as it is called curly hair, and it is easy to identify, it is many twists when it grows, it is wavy and then continues to grow until it takes the twisted shape.
  • If you see that your hair begins to curl in the first 3 cm from the scalp, at this time you can tell if your hair belongs to the curly type.
  • It is considered one of the rare types of hair in men when the hair is the right length and curly correctly, which gives it a special charm.
  • But if the hair is neglected, it cannot be done easily and we must use combs with wide teeth and not narrow when styling hair or use your fingers.

the rough hair

  • It is African hair, and I always have black men and this type you can easily know, and this type has a lot of flaws, it is difficult to get any haircut you want.
  • It is also difficult to comb in nature, and it is easy to shave coarse hair with a machine, not scissors, and owners of this hair want to do the hairstyles that celebrities who have the same hair type do.

The best hair type

The best hair type

There are many types of hair in all the world, which are distinguished and required by many, and we will now learn about the best of these types.

Brazilian hair

  • Brazilian hair is characterized as one of the most famous types of hair in the world because some of its types are characterized by softness, durability and thickness and are suitable for all skin types.

malaysian hair

  • Malaysian hair is heavier and softer than Indian hair and has a beautiful natural luster, because its texture varies between smooth, wavy and curly hair with density and softness.

Indian poetry

  • Indian hair is one of the most common types of hair and is characterized by several features, especially length and softness, because it looks silky and has a natural and smooth luster.
  • It does not require any chemical treatment to achieve a certain method and the Indian hair also has a very high density and its distinctive color is suitable for many breeds, especially the African American breed.

Curly hair types

There is more than one type of curly hair that needs care and hydration to get the best results, and these types are as follows:

  • Wavy hair: It occupies the second place in terms of ease and beauty in combing and styling, as it is more shiny than fine hair.
  • Curly hair also takes the form of big waves: this type of hair takes the letter S and is very sensitive.
  • Classical hair: This type is in the form of a spiral, but this capillary is not strong enough due to the twists that may be exposed to it.
  • Also, African Kenyan hair: It is shaped like the letter Z from beginning to end and is short because of this, and the hair is reduced about 70% of its length, only 30% appears.

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