healthiest vegetables ranked

Adding vegetables to your diet provides you with a healthy diet. Vegetables contain fiber, nutrients and everything that is necessary for the human body. 8-9 servings of vegetables a day can save you from many diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Vegetables improve immunity, they help you maintain skin and fitness.  Today, on Educate Yourself , we offer you this list that will help you choose the best for you from these vegetables.

Top 10 vegetables for a healthy diet:

10. Tomato

Tomatoes have the ability to defend the body from cancer as they have lycopene and red orbs. In addition, it contains vitamin A and vitamin K , which keep blood pressure under control. When served in the form of soup or salad, it will be your first step towards a healthy life.

9. Broccoli

It is one of the storehouses of antioxidants, and it can be in the first place among the vegetables that fight diseases. It helps in the fight against rectal, lung and stomach cancer. Due to the presence of vitamin C, folate and beta-carotene it also helps in providing immunity against cold and flu.

8. Brussels sprouts

It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids , potassium, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B and folic acid that protects women from cervical abnormalities. Which qualifies it to be an excellent vegetable for pregnant women.

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7. Islands

Carrots are a good vegetable for the eyes, hair, skin and heart. It contains provitamins, carotenoids and vitamin C that improve night vision. Because of the presence of vitamin A, carrots regulate the level of sugar in the blood.

6. Asparagus

It contains fibre, folic acid and vitamin B6 that keeps the heart healthy. Asparagus has a low amount of sodium but its rich potassium content makes it beneficial for the large intestine. They are an excellent food for pregnant women.

5. sweet potato

This type of vegetable is grown underground and is rich in manganese, vitamin A and vitamin C, which gives it defensive qualities, making it good for the digestive system due to the presence of iron and fiber, which is also a source of energy.

4. Eggplant

Because it contains antioxidants such as nasunin, it protects brain cells from damage. The fiber and potassium in eggplant reduce the risk of stroke and dementia. It is good for the heart as it is low in calories.

3. Pepper

Whether you choose to add red, orange or green, peppers are beneficial in your diet, and have been shown to lower the risk of cancer. Moreover, it contains folic acid and lycopene which are responsible for heart health.

2. Spinach

It wasn’t just a fantasy when Popeye the Sailor credited spinach for his muscular strength. Where he was absolutely right. Spinach contains about 13 flavonoids that have been shown to provide immunity against cancer, heart disease and osteoporosis as well.

1. Onion

By adding onions in your daily meals, you are helping yourself in raising the level of your body’s immunity. It also keeps the level of calcium in your body under control. It is also beneficial for cardiovascular and digestive health as it is full of vitamin C and folic acid.

By consuming the above vegetables on a regular basis, you will help you fight many problems including heart disease and cancer, and maintain a healthy diet, leading you to live a long healthy life.

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