healthy weight gain food list

Some people, for various reasons, want to gain weight, but this must be through healthy ways to avoid any risks or side effects. Learn about healthy foods that increase weight.

If you are one of the people who want to gain weight, you should do so systematically and gradually, and of course, by eating healthy foods that increase weight!

Knowing that weight loss may be due to health problems, so it is important for a person to reach a normal and ideal weight.

Healthy weight gain foods

Learn about some of these healthy foods:

1- milk
If you want to gain weight, we advise you to eat milk , as it provides you with fats, carbohydrates and fats, and provides you with vitamins and minerals that are important and necessary for your health.

You can have milk every day, either for breakfast or before bed.

2- red meat
Eating red meat helps build body muscles and gain weight, due to its richness in leucine, an amino acid important for stimulating protein in muscles.

In addition, red meat is rich in creatinine , which is important for building muscle.

3- Nuts
Nuts have many different health benefits, and they are also included in the list of healthy weight gain foods.

Nuts can be eaten between meals or added to salads and main meals.

You can also use nut butter without sugar.

4- salmon
Salmon is high in healthy fats, and 170 grams of it contains approximately 240 calories.

So if you want to gain weight, you should eat fish, especially salmon , regularly.

5- Dried fruits
One of the healthy foods that will help you gain weight in a healthy way is dried fruits of all kinds.

Dried fruits are rich in various nutrients and are also high in calories, as a quarter cup of dried berries contains approximately 130 calories.

6- Avocado
Avocados are rich in healthy fats and calories, in addition to containing high levels of vitamins and minerals that are important to your health.

You can eat avocado in its natural form or through a smoothie.

7- Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate is classified as a healthy food, especially for those who want to gain weight, as it is high in calories and fat.

In addition, dark chocolate contains a lot of antioxidants that are beneficial to your health and body.

8- Other foods to gain weight
It is possible to focus on eating the following healthy foods in order to gain weight:

the rice.
Various carbohydrates.
legumes ;

Tips for healthy weight gain

Here are some important tips for healthy weight gain:

  • Eat more calories than your body needs.
    Do exercise, especially lifting weights.
    Do not drink water before meals.
    Use larger cutlery so you can fill them up without feeling like you’re eating more.
    Get enough hours of sleep.
    Quit Smoking.

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