hormone balancing superfoods

Scientists and experts confirm that women who suffer from imbalances in hormones can restore the balance of hormones through food, and therefore natural foods and herbs are available that help women to restore the lost balance of hormones or maintain the existing balance.

12 Food to restore the balance of body hormones

* Foods rich in omega-3

acids Omega-3 acids help rebalance and produce hormones in the body, making them useful in achieving the hormonal balance needed to reduce menstrual pain and menopause symptoms. There are many foods rich in these acids, such as: flaxseeds, walnuts, olive oil, chia seeds, fatty fish, and soybeans.

* Foods rich in vitamin D

Vitamin D affects the pituitary gland responsible for producing many hormones, which helps the body fix any imbalance or problems caused by estrogen deficiency. Vitamin D deficiency may lead to an imbalance of hormones and an imbalance in thyroid gland secretions, which affect weight and appetite. Among the most prominent sources of vitamin D: cod liver oil, milk, and eggs.

* Leafy vegetables

Leafy vegetables, especially dark ones such as spinach, increase estrogen levels, as it plays a role in improving sexual and reproductive life and ensures that the rest of the body’s organs work efficiently.

* Carrots Carrots

contain fibers that help absorb excess amounts of estrogen and rid the body of them. Carrots play an important role in the balance of hormones in both sexes.

* Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has the ability to treat hormonal imbalance, rebalance hormones, help reduce weight, improve immunity, balance blood sugar levels, and improve metabolism.

* Fenugreek Fenugreek

seeds contain diosgenin, a compound that scientists say works in a manner similar to the hormone estrogen.

* Quinoa Quinoa

is one of the seeds rich in proteins, magnesium, and phosphorous. In addition, it has properties that help it balance the necessary hormones in the body. Quinoa has properties that help balance blood sugar levels.

Almonds Almonds

help increase levels of the hormone adiponectin, which helps regulate blood sugar levels, thus reducing the chances of an imbalance in androgens.

* Avocado Avocado

contributes to regulating cholesterol levels in the body, and helps regulate the production of hormones that the skin needs to maintain its freshness and beauty.

* Salmon

Salmon is distinguished by its many health benefits, and plays a role in balancing hormones, as the healthy fats in it, and omega-3 fats in particular, are essential for regulating cholesterol and hormones. The anti-inflammatory properties of salmon make it a helpful factor in soothing the skin, especially in cases of eczema and acne.

* Eggs Egg

yolks contain a specific type of cholesterol that contributes specifically to the production of hormones in the body, especially those that affect the smoothness and beautiful appearance of the skin.

* broccoli

Broccoli contains compounds that help improve estrogen metabolism in the liver, and estrogen helps increase collagen, which increases skin cohesion and helps healthy and adequate blood flow to it, thus increasing the skin’s ability to heal and regenerate.

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