How much weight can you lose on a fasting diet?

Intermittent fasting diet how much does it lose per month and per week

There are many diets, including intermittent fasting, which is one of the most powerful healthy ways of dieting to lose weight, raise the rate of burning in the body in a healthy manner, and improve health by raising immunity.

It has been scientifically proven by research and studies that this diet strengthens the body’s immunity against many diseases, as it improves the psychological state and mood, increases focus and attention, and strengthens memory.

You can start to follow this diet in multiple ways, the nutrition experts who created this diet relied on the idea of ​​​​the timing of eating.

This idea is the dates in which food is allowed, not the quality of the food in itself like other diet systems that depend on avoiding certain substances in eating such as carbohydrates, fats, or a vegetarian diet, and so on, and then nutritionists have identified different ways to implement this diet, but they aim All to lose weight.

Intermittent fasting diet for weight loss, how many kilos per week and month

The rate of descent is not a fixed number, but it varies from person to person and for different factors and adherence to the intermittent fasting diet for the first time to start with the diet can drop 2 kilos per week and may drop 10 kilos in the first month, i.e. lose 2 kilos per week, then the rate decreases to four or five kilos per month.

The matter is in detail, for example, the rate of weight loss in intermittent fasting or other systems for men is relatively more than women because muscle mass is higher, and a beginner in dieting has a faster rate of weight loss than a person who follows diets to lose weight frequently, and the closer the person approaches the ideal weight, the greater the loss Weight less.

Paying attention to the advice of the diet makes a lot of difference in your journey to lose weight, for surely the person who adheres to the diet and who is keen to apply it optimally by following the advice will achieve a quick and excellent result.

Whoever maintains drinking water in the amount required for the body daily, and is interested in exercising and eating healthy, must have a higher burning rate, and thus rapid fat loss.

This includes many factors related to the rate of burning, such as the psychological state and whether the individual suffers from cardiovascular diseases, etc.

Tips to do on the diet

There are many tips that help you lose fat quickly in this diet, the most important of which are:

  • If you are a beginner in the diet, you should follow the daily diet by fasting 12 hours a day, or the 16-hour system is the easiest for the beginner.
  • Divide your meals into 3 and not combine them into one meal
  • Eat breakfast on time
  • Avoid eating fatty foods with oils and fats, and make sure that it is prepared healthy and appropriate for the diet
  • Drink plenty of water and avoid all kinds of juices at the time of abstaining from eating and instead drinking herbal drinks without sugar to raise the burn and reduce hunger relatively
  • Stay away from stress and anxiety because it affects the metabolic rate
  • Not staying up late and getting enough sleep daily and regularly
  • Take care of sports and if you cannot go to the gym or your time does not allow, make sure to walk continuously at a rate of 15 to 20 minutes a day

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Paying attention to the snacks that are between the main meals helps a lot in reducing the feeling of hunger, and sticking to the dates of the main meals on time.

Snack foods between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner should have a small amount of caloric energy, and at the same time contain fiber to promote satiety and fullness of the stomach.

There are many foods that are ideal as snacks, such as carrots, cucumbers, as well as tomatoes. The number of calories in cucumbers and tomatoes for a salad dish is 16.5 calories for a dish containing 50 grams of each type.

It is better psychologically not to monitor the scale daily, but it is better once or twice a month, because reading the scale every day will be a very small percentage of the difference and you may get frustrated if you do not find the expected result and then decide to leave the diet, and this happens a lot.

One of the most important tips is not to take the words of the frustrated who tell you that you will not be able to lose weight, everything is achievable with diligence and taking the reasons, and your commitment to the diet will gradually achieve what you want.

Intermittent fasting while breastfeeding

Although intermittent fasting is one of the best types of diet to lose weight, it is harmful for breastfeeding mothers, because the mother in the lactation period needs nutrition throughout the day. today.

Fasting aims to reduce the amount of calories significantly and this goes against the regime that a nursing mother is supposed to follow.

In addition, most of the day there is a break from eating, which is not tolerated by the nursing mother from a health point of view.

Other types of diet that a nursing mother can apply and you will get an amazing result, including what we provide every Saturday by classifying diets on the site and available on the application, a system that reduces carbohydrates while calculating calories in a thoughtful manner.

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