how to build strong arms

How do you get huge arms with simple exercises that are not strenuous?

We learn the main steps to get huge arms by working out the main muscles that make up the arm: biceps, triceps, shoulder, and forearm. In the following lines, we will learn about the appropriate exercises to build each of these muscles and some other useful information.

Getting huge arms is the goal of any young man who wants to have a sporty look and a strong beautiful body. In fact, having huge arms is not that difficult, it just needs to know the appropriate type of exercise, and perseverance.It must be done for a while without despairing of the delayed results, and most importantly of all this, obtaining adequate nutrition that helps build the muscles of the arms , and also not forgetting the rest periods necessary to complete the recovery process required to amplify the muscles.

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What are the muscles of the arms? How do you get huge arms?

Before talking about getting huge arms, we must get to know the muscles in the arms. In fact, there are 4 basic muscles in the upper limbs of a person, including two main muscles: the biceps and the triceps, and two sub-muscles – in relation to the arm – are the shoulder. and forearm (forearm). And training all these muscles, especially the core muscles and the shoulder muscle, is vital to obtaining huge arms.

Biceps exercise

The biceps muscle is characterized as the fastest growing muscle when trained in the appropriate way, as the fitness practitioner quickly sees the results on it immediately after starting the exercise (in most people), which gives him a positive impetus and makes him excited to develop other slower growing muscles, in fact there are a lot of exercises that can be done Through it, the biceps muscle is exercised, but all of them depend on placing a load on the palm of the hand and pressing the forearm with the arm inward, either by means of dumbbells, or a flat or zigzag bar (to exercise the different angles of the muscle) or even by means of cable machines, and it is worth noting that most of the back exercises It also exercises the biceps muscle, which makes many fitness practitioners prefer to exercise both muscles in one day.

Triceps exercise for big arms

Although it is slower in growth than the biceps, the triceps muscle exercise is the most important of all to get huge arms, as these muscles are large in size, and they make up most of the size of the arm, and therefore enlarging them means getting a huge arm easily, just like the biceps muscle. The triceps can be trained by Dumbbells, or flat or zigzag bar, or by means of cable devices, and the method of exercising them is the opposite of the method of exercising the biceps, where the angle between the forearm and arm is straightened with weights placed. It is also worth noting that exercising the chest muscles is also an exercise for the triceps muscle.

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Shoulder muscle exercise

Although it is a secondary muscle in relation to the arm, the shape of the arms would not be beautiful without a raised, strong and symmetrical shoulder, and shoulder exercise is necessary to be able to perform biceps and triceps exercises with large weights without injury. Shoulder muscle exercise is either by lifting weights to the top, or performing Locking exercises using dumbbells or a locking machine. The shoulder muscle is one of the main muscles in the body and is often placed in training schedules on a separate day with one of the secondary muscles.

Forearm muscle exercise to grow huge arms

The forearm is the part that extends from the arm joint to the wrist joint. Although the forearm muscle is not one of the main muscles in the body, and many fitness practitioners do not even include it in their usual schedules, forearm exercise is essential to complete the beautiful appearance of the arms. The forearm muscles can be exercised by Putting a weight in the palm of the hand, and moving this weight – a very limited movement – through the wrist joint. You don’t need to exercise this muscle regularly, but at least include it in your workout schedule as a secondary muscle for one day a week.

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As we’ve seen, getting big arms requires focusing on the four main muscles that make up the arm: the biceps, triceps, shoulder, and forearm. Just keeping exercising these muscles regularly, eating a protein-rich and healthy diet, and getting plenty of sleep and rest will give you the huge arms you’ve always dreamed of .

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