how to dye your hair pink at home without dye

How to make pink hair strands is one of the things that you can search for, and Jasmine chose to introduce you to the way to make attractive hair strands for a modern and elegant touch.

Dyeing hair in ombre color is one of the dyes that gives you a look full of charm and attractiveness, and we chose to show you how to create attractive pink hair.

used tools:

  • A pack of dye in light gray blond .
  • Half a pack of pink dye.
  • Two caliber 30
  • A bowl to mix the dye with the brush.
  • A cover for clothes to protect them from dye.
  • vaseline.
  • Hair tweezers.
  • Wide tooth comb.
  • Hair Dryer.

How to dye hair with pink tufts:

  • Start combing the hair first to get rid of tangles.
  • Then divide the hair into four sections and fix them with hair clips.
  • Put the vasebin on the forehead, behind the ears and on the neck to prevent pigmentation.
  • In the dyeing bowl, put the hair dye in a light gray-blond color with a measure of oxygen.
  • Distribute the dye on the hair from the roots to the ends in an equal manner.
  • Leave the dye on the hair for 35 minutes, then rinse it off with lukewarm water.
  • Dry your hair well with a hair dryer.
  • Then, in a clean dyeing bowl, mix half a pack of pink hair dye with the appropriate amount of oxygen.
  • Take very small strands of hair and apply pink hair dye to them.
  • Try to be small tufts and distributed in the hair and wrap them in foil.
  • Leave the dye for 25 minutes, then rinse it with lukewarm water, then use the shampoo for dyed hair and enjoy a wonderful pink color.

These are the steps for applying pink hair dye, and also learn how to make blue tufts .

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