how to eat walnuts daily

Allowed daily amount of nuts according to age

Daily amount of nuts according to age

The amount of nuts that a person can use varies according to his age. There is a permissible amount for adults, and another for children: [2]

Allowed daily amount of nuts for children

Some doctors say that the percentage that a child can accept to eat per day is the normal percentage for him, and it is not necessary to exceed what the child accepts, since every body is equipped with a system. him accept it.

As there are indications in the child’s body that the brain gives it to stop eating more walnuts or other foods than it should, or what the body can absorb, so it is this precise system that determines the appropriate amount, not humans.

  • Some doctors have specified the amount that it should not be more than two walnuts.

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Allowed daily amount of nuts for adults

  • Adults should take at most four capsules per day

The situation in adults is not much different from the amount allowed for children. The matter depends on the nature of the body, but it is certain that the nature of an adult’s body is very different from that of a child, and this is because the system provided by an adult is that he gets tired of eating things a lot.

If there is a person who eats the same meal every day, he will not be able to eat it one day and will get bored of it, but it should be noted that walnuts are nuts that contain a lot of calories, so that they are not exposed to weight gain, and those who want to maintain a diet can lose weight. It is preferable to eat raw nuts, rather than roasted ones, because they are higher in terms of nutritional value.

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How to eat healthy nuts daily

There are specific ways in which walnuts can be eaten in a correct and healthy way at the same time and help not to gain weight, and provide the body with the energy needed for it, and the most important of these methods are: [3]

    • Eating unroasted nuts with fresh fruit, or dried green increases its nutritional value, and gives the body more energy.
    • It is not preferable to eat walnuts with any other type of liqueur because this increases calories.
  • The allowed amount of nuts per day does not exceed five grains of different types or of one type, and the quantity does not exceed that.
  • Usually eating more than this amount of nuts or nuts causes one of the digestive diseases, such as indigestion, as well as obesity.
  • Cyanide acid is usually found in walnut shells, and this type of acid is harmful to the body, so it is preferable to soak the nuts in water at night until morning, so that a person will be able to eat without the shell.
  • Just as it is preferable not to roast the nuts, it is also preferable not to put salt on them, because that makes them more harmful and increases their calories.
  • It is preferable to keep the nuts in the refrigerator, away from any other smells, and in an opaque container.

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Benefits of eating walnuts daily

The benefits of walnuts are numerous and very numerous, and we deny that: [4]

    • Helps facilitate digestion, but in small quantities.
    • Walnut contributes to the treatment of many skin problems, and skin diseases as it contains fatty acids.
    • Helps protect against enlargement and inflammation of the prostate gland, because it contains large amounts of zinc.
  • It helps lower cholesterol levels and treat vascular diseases.
  • Walnuts help control blood sugar.
  • Helps women adjust hormones in the body.
  • It is an adjuvant treatment for wound healing.
  • Helps to strengthen the immune system, and resistance to malignant diseases.
  • Among the benefits of walnuts for memory , it helps to strengthen it and increase focus.

Benefits of walnuts for men

The benefits of camel eye for men are considered more than women, as it helps men to:

Increase sexual ability

Where we find that there is a study published in 2019 in the scientific journal (Nutrients), saying that men who eat nuts, especially walnuts on a regular basis, have more physical ability than others, so walnuts help to enhance sexual health in men, including increasing sexual desire The feeling of orgasm during sexual intercourse.

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Improve sperm health

It is known that a healthy diet that a man follows can necessarily affect the quality of his sperm, so a diet that contains walnuts is more desert than others and provides the man with the necessary energy during the relationship, as a study published in the scientific journal (Biology of Reproduction) increases the quality of their sperm, and doubles it.

Erectile dysfunction treatment

The problem of erectile dysfunction in men is one of the most common problems that they suffer from, and men can resort to unhealthy methods to treat this problem, and the fact that this matter affects them negatively later, does not only put a temporary solution, but natural solutions such as eating nuts, especially walnuts can He has greatly contributed to solving this problem with ease.

Reduced risk of prostate cancer

Walnuts are rich in many useful nutrients and minerals, which help to increase the efficiency of the immune system, which in turn works to treat serious diseases that attack it in the first place, as it protects men, especially from prostate cancer, which may pose a great danger to their sexual and physical lives.

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Walnut origin

 Walnut is a member of the nut family, and its scientific name is (in English: Juglans regia); It is known in the circles as the walnut, which is bought from stores, and walnuts are found in the region of the Mediterranean basin and Central Asia, where there is its original origin, and the first places of cultivation, but we find that walnuts are now grown all over the world, as well as this type of nuts It is considered one of the basics of nutrition since ancient times, and throughout the ages, it also has other famous names such as: walnut , heart nut, and karkaa, and the best type of nut is the Brazilian nut.

Walnuts can be eaten raw, and they can also be roasted and used for many purposes, such as sweets, cakes, and ice cream, and they can be ground and added to sweet and savory dishes, because it has a wonderful and distinctive taste. It is also used to extract walnut oil from its seeds, and its oil is used in The juice from which it is extracted is used in the manufacture of sugar. 

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