how to lose weight fast at home in a month

There are many factors that can affect a person and cause him to gain weight as a result of the accumulation of fat, which leads to a feeling of discomfort with the external shape of the body, so some people may ask about quick ways in which they can lose weight without causing harm to the body, follow us to learn about a diet that reduces 15 kilos in a month, and what are the healthy habits that help with that?

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Diet loses 15 kilos per month

In order for a person to lose 15 kilos of weight, he needs to lose 1.75 pounds per week, that is, he needs to reduce his calories to about 1,600 calories. However, each person differs from the other according to many factors, and the diet is represented in the following healthy habits:

Calculation of calories

A person needs to calculate the amount of calories he eats, and this can be done through the use of applications that are easy to download on the phone.

Calorie regulation

A person needs to regulate the calories he eats throughout the day and divide them evenly into the meals he eats.

It does not matter whether the diet is low in fat or in carbohydrates, the important thing is that they are properly divided between snacks.

Eat fruits and vegetables

Eating fruits and vegetables from two to three servings with each meal is one of the means of losing 15 kilos in a month, as they contain low calories.

Fruits and vegetables are also important foods rich in dietary fiber that improve the health of the digestive system.

It also helps the person to feel full for a longer period, which means eating less food.

The right way to eat vegetables is to eat them fresh or grilled so that they do not retain their nutritional value.

Eat dairy products

Low-fat dairy products contain low calories, which helps to lose weight quickly.

A person needs two to three servings per day of low-fat dairy products.

Eat spicy foods

Spicy foods are used in a diet that loses 15 kilos in a month, as they contain capsaicin, which helps improve metabolism.

This helps to lose weight significantly, and examples of spicy foods include hot spices and jalapeno peppers , which can be added with food.

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Are there activities that help lose weight quickly?

There are some daily exercises and activities that can help you burn fat quickly, which include:

daily movement

A person should stay active by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, doing squats , or riding their bike.

These simple daily activities help you burn more calories faster and help to strengthen your muscles.

strength exercises

Strength exercises help build and strengthen muscles, and they also help burn a high percentage of calories.

A person needs 30 to 45 minutes a week to do strength exercises, and they must be regular, which is one of the diet methods to lose 15 kilos in a month.

Other tips to lose 15 kilos in a month

After getting acquainted with a diet that reduces 15 kilos in a month, here are some tips and healthy habits followed in general to lose weight and maintain public health, which are:

  • Get enough rest and sleep, i.e. 7 to 9 hours a day.
  • Drink water even if the person does not feel thirsty.
  • Take care to avoid stress and tension because this negatively affects the body and causes weight gain.
  • Avoid eating sugary foods or drinks.
  • Make sure to eat foods that contain protein .

In the end, after getting to know a diet that reduces 15 kilos in a month, and what are the healthy habits that help in that? .

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