how to start a diabetic diet

Diet suitable for diabetics according to weight

There are some healthy habits that must be followed to prevent and reduce the effects of diabetes. These healthy habits are:

Lose weight, eat a plate of green salad with drops of vinegar before the main meal, walk instead of riding the car, and reduce as much as possible the intake of fast food, fats, starches, sugars and sweets.

Today, we present to you some suitable diets for diabetics, which depend on the (patient’s weight) who are obese – medium – thin:

First: a diet suitable for an obese or overweight diabetic (above 80 kg, for a height of 170 cm)

the breakfast:

A well-boiled egg or 100 grams of Quraish cheese, or 3 tablespoons of beans + a little oil and lemon + loaf + tea or coffee without sugar.

the lunch:

Green salad (cucumber – tomatoes – lettuce – cabbage – artichoke) 100 grams of grilled or boiled meat or 150 grams of skinless chicken meat (grilled or boiled) or medium grilled fish + sauteed vegetables (peas – zucchini – artichokes – carrots – beans) + loaf.

Between lunch and dinner:

An apple or an orange.


A cup of yogurt, or skimmed yoghurt or a hard-boiled egg + loaf + seasonal fruits (except for dates, grapes and figs).

Second: A diet suitable for a diabetic with an ideal weight (60 or 70 kg for a height of 165 cm – 170 cm) and moderate activity.


Upon waking up: a cup of tea with milk + one tablespoon of sugar

the breakfast:

2 boiled eggs or 5 tablespoons of beans (with a little oil and lemon) or a piece of Quraish cheese + toothpick loaf.

When hungry between lunch and dinner

fruit fruit

the lunch:

Grilled meat or grilled chicken piece (200 grams) or grilled fish (medium) sauteed vegetables (cauliflower – beans – peas – zucchini) + 4 tablespoons of rice or loaf


A cup of tea with milk + an orange or an apple

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Lentil soup + a cup of lentils + a cup of yogurt + 100 grams of boiled potatoes.

before sleep:

A cup of yogurt or skimmed yoghurt

Third: A diet suitable for a skinny diabetic (less than 70 kg).

When you wake up in the morning

Milk tea cup.

the breakfast:

Balila (wheat + milk + 2 tablespoons of sugar) + 2 boiled eggs or 4 tablespoons of beans (with oil and lemon) or 150 grams of white cheese + loaf + orange or guava.

the lunch:

2 medium grilled fish or 200 grams of grilled meat, or grilled chicken + green salad + sauteed vegetables + 5 tablespoons of rice or 100 grams of potatoes or a loaf.


A cup of tea with milk + 3 biscuits.


A cup of lentil soup + a cup of yogurt or skimmed milk, or a boiled egg + vegetable soup + fruit + loaf.

In the evening before bed

A cup of yogurt or skimmed yoghurt.

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