Hydroxycut reviews before and after

Hydroxycut my experience

Some women’s experiences with Hydroxycut will be mentioned as follows:

  • The first experience : One of the women says that she heard a lot about this product and that she wanted to take it, but she was planning to become pregnant, which prevented her from continuing to take it, as Hydroxycut is one of the natural products produced by an international company that manufactures slimming products, and this product helps in curbing the great appetite towards food and in tightening muscles and preventing sagging of the body, and what distinguishes this product is that it is made of natural materials.
  • The second experience : The woman says that this product contributes a lot to losing weight, but it contains a very large amount of caffeine, so caution should be taken when taking it from other stimulants, because two pills of this drug can be equivalent to three cups of coffee, and this product is found in commercial centers Also, this medicine has a special method of use, and it cannot be taken at random.

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How to use Hydroxycut

The way to use this medicine is as follows:

  • The first stage of taking the drug is the stage in which the body’s ability to tolerate its components is tested. A pill or capsule of the Hydroxycut product is taken, about half an hour before the meal, and up to two capsules can be taken daily.
  • The advanced stages of taking the drug can be by following the schedule of use, but provided that no more than two capsules are taken within 4 hours, and the number of capsules should not exceed 6 capsules during the day, and it is preferable not to take the pill less than 5 hours before bed .
  • To obtain distinct results from the use of Hydroxycut, it is preferable to continue taking it for a period of no less than two to three months, in addition to supporting the body with large quantities of water, not less than 8 to 10 cups per day, in addition to reducing calories in the diet, and exercising regularly. .

Hydroxycut pills schedule:

Today Number of pills per day
Day one and two One capsule twice
Day three and four Two capsules twice a day
From the fifth day onwards Two capsules three times a day

What is Hydroxycut?

Hydroxycut is one of the commercial companies specialized in the production of special nutritional supplements for weight loss , and this company provides a range of pills, capsules, natural drinks, chewing gum and others, and Hydroxycut Pro Clinical capsules are one of the most famous products offered by this brand, and this product is cheap Its price ranges from 19 to 30 dollars as a maximum, and the types of this product include:

Hydroxycut Ingredients

And all the products of this company mainly consist of:

  • Caffeine is a stimulant extracted from coffee beans.
  • Lady’s mantle extract or perfectionism.
  • Wild olive extract.
  • Natural cumin extract.
  • catnip extract
  • The products are also fortified with nutrients, minerals and vitamins such as calcium, vitamin C and other natural ingredients.
  • There is a type of these capsules called Hydroxycut Hardcore and this product contains green coffee extract and Indian yohimbine in addition to very large amounts of caffeine, in addition to pepper which are products with better effectiveness for weight loss.

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How do hydroxycut pills work?

All Hydroxycut products work through the ingredients they contain to lose weight, and caffeine is the most powerful product, for weight loss, and these ingredients work as follows:

  • Caffeine activates the metabolism in the body by 10 to 15%, it can also encourage fat burning by 30%, but the effect of caffeine is not persistent, as it can occur during the first period of taking the capsules, but it does not continue with the progression of taking the capsules.
  • All the ingredients in the capsules contribute to weight gain, including cumin powder. Studies have shown that taking these capsules over a period of two months contributes to weight loss, and cumin has an effect similar to Orlistat drugs to reduce body fat.
  • Studies have also shown that eating the herbal compound consisting of cumin, wild olives, and mint has greatly contributed to weight loss and an increase in the rate of food metabolism.
  • But there is an important note that says that all previous experiments were conducted on animals and not on humans, so the effectiveness of this drug is not completely clear on humans.

Diet followed while taking Hydroxycut pills

Before starting to take Hydroxycut pills, the patient must download the program for the product, through the following link “ from here ”, as this program helps the patient to choose the best product for him, and then the following steps must be followed:

  • Starting a weight loss program : The person who will take the Hydroxycut pills must actually resolve to lose weight, and here it can be noted that the weight loss on a weekly basis will be at a rate of 2 to 3 pounds.
  • Eating healthy food: While taking Hydroxycut pills, a person should eat healthy foods only, and foods that are low in calories, and the patient can follow the recipes in the application for the product, as the application contains many healthy meals that provide the body with its needs of nutrients.
  • Doing sports activities : It is a very important step to lose weight, as activity and movement help to lose weight faster, and also contribute to preventing sagging skin.

Special tips for using Hydroxycut pills

Care must be taken when using the Hydroxycut product, and pay attention to the following tips:

  • Taking Hydroxycut pills may cause a group of side effects of taking Hydroxycut pills, which are difficulty sleeping, nervousness and nervousness, and it may cause digestive symptoms such as vomiting, nausea and diarrhea, and Hydroxycut Hard Core is the product that causes the most side effects.
  • People sensitive to caffeine should refrain from consuming the product, or opt for a caffeine-free product.
  • Increasing the dose of Hydroxycut increases the risk of side effects, so it is preferable to take it gradually, starting with one tablet to be taken three times a day during the first three days and then taking two tablets after the fourth day.
  • The product gives the best weight loss results within the first month of using it.

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Are Hydroxycut Pills Safe?

In the past, Hydroxycut products were made from the ephedra plant, which was classified as toxic, but the ingredients of this product have been replaced with more natural ingredients such as green coffee beans, cumin seeds, etc. However, it can be said that this product is not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and there is some concern Regarding it, it has been found that some patients have been exposed to liver poisoning, and heart and blood vessel problems from eating this product, so it is preferable not to take it except after medical advice.

At the conclusion of this article, my experience of Hydroxycut was identified through the above , and the experiences of some women with taking this product were mentioned, as well as the Hydroxycut product and its components, how to use it, and the most important tips to follow when taking this product to lose weight, as well as Side effects have been identified, and the regimen to be followed when using these pills to lose weight.

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