is parsley good for stomach ulcer

Parsley.. Treats stomach infections and dissolves kidney stones

is parsley good for stomach ulcer ?

Parsley is characterized by its pungent aromatic smell, and its bright green leaves, and it is called in ancient medicine in the Pharaonic language “she died.” The Egyptologist “Grabo” found the remains of the seeds and leaves of this plant in some pharaonic tombs, and it was confirmed that they used parsley in many medicinal recipes for many diseases.

Parsley has been used for hundreds of years. The pharaohs were using fresh parsley as a food to reduce heat and in cases of menstrual or interruption and in the form of sprays to remove infections and tumors, while they used parsley seeds to remove intestinal gas and dysuria.

The ancients used it in the treatment of stomach infections, as a solvent for kidney stones, a good laxative for the abdomen, anti-colic, anti-asthma, shortness of breath and breast tumors, improves mouth odor, is useful for spleen and liver problems, and generates milk for the nursing mother.

Fresh leaves are used as a remedy against breast swelling, insect bites, lice and skin infections.
It is also useful in asthma crises, and respiratory disorders, and parsley juice treats bronchial infections by boiling parsley in water for 10 minutes, then drinking it several times during the day, to purify and cleanse the respiratory system.

Parsley contains volatile oils, the most important of which is the compound apiole, myristicin and vitamin (C), which is found in a large proportion equivalent to 4 times its percentage in lemon, where it was found that every 100 grams of parsley contains 165 milligrams of the vitamin, and helps increase resistance The body for colds and common cold, and it is more than lemon in it.

It contains vitamin A, which is useful for eyesight and sexual energy, and contains iron, which is useful for people with anemia and severe anemia.

One of the benefits of parsley is the generation of milk, urine and sweat, as it is a regenerator of cells, an appetizer, and a body cleanser of toxins. Facilitating labor: it facilitates the exit of the fetus disinfectant against bacteria and viruses.

Finally, parsley is considered a tonic for memory, reproductive, nervous and digestive systems. It helps the body absorb iron in other foods. It strengthens the capillaries. It also increases the vitality of the body in general. It gives the skin a soft texture, helps in resisting wrinkles, and gives you a wonderful mouth smell.

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