quail eggs benefits and side effects

The benefits, benefits and harm of quail eggs from calories

These versatile little eggs cook very quickly, and look lovely in salads, soups, and snacks. And last but not least, this product is more affordable than the eggs of other birds (except for chickens, of course). But is this the only advantage of quail eggs? Researchers say no.

General characteristics

As the name implies, quail eggs are a product made by quail females. These birds are found throughout Europe, in parts of Asia, in northern Africa and southern North America. Quail eggs are noticeably smaller than chicken or duck eggs, but they are very popular in many kitchens of the world.

Quail eggs can be called miniature, since they rarely weigh more than 10 grams (and this is 4-7 times less than chicken). Its shell is rather fragile and covered with characteristic brown spots. The yolk is relatively larger than it is in the chick. And they are considered more useful than chicken.

nutritional properties

Quail eggs are not only a great source of protein. This product is high in minerals and vitamins, as well as healthy cholesterol. Compared to chicken, a quail egg contains several times more vitamins B1 and B2. They contain iron, phosphorous, almost all B vitamins, selenium and many other useful components. All this makes quail eggs a very dietary and healthy food.

Nutritional value 100 grams

Calorie content 158 ​​kcal Proteins 13.1g Fats 11.1g Carbs 0.4,543g Vitamin A 1.12 IU Vitamin E 0.3,1mg Vitamin K 0.14,2 mcg Vitamin B0, 85 3,0.22 mg Vitamin B5 1,86,6 mg Vitamin B0.24 9,66,12 mg Vitamin B1,7,263 63.8 mg Vitamin B3,5,5 227 mg Vitamin B134 140 mg Vitamin B1 0.14 mg Choline 32 mg Calcium 844 mg Iron 74,3 mg Magnesium 1,1 mg Phosphorus XNUMX mg Potassium XNUMX mg Sodium XNUMX mg Zinc XNUMX mg Copper XNUMX mg Selenium 1,1 mg Cholesterol XNUMX mg Water XNUMX g ash XNUMX g

health benefits

Recently, on the Internet there is more information about the healing properties of quail allergy. This product is said to improve eyesight, add strength, improve metabolism, lower blood pressure, calm allergies, cleanse the body of toxins, and even treat chronic diseases. Some suggest that the delicacy of quail is useful for the prevention of more than thirty diseases. But what is all this true? The following are just facts based on the research results.

improve eyesight

Quail eggs contain an amazing amount of Vitamin A – an indispensable substance for people who yearn to maintain good eyesight and eye health.

The antioxidant capabilities of the vitamin protect against macular degeneration, prevent cataracts, and improve eyesight.

cholesterol regulation

Quail eggs contain fatty acids that are beneficial to human health. These substances perform many functions in the body. One of them is regulating the levels of good and bad cholesterol in the bloodstream.

Activates the growth of healthy cells

Like chicken eggs, quail provides a lot of protein. Proteins entering the body act as building materials for the restoration and creation of new muscle cells, bones and blood vessels.

regulating blood pressure

This quail product is rich in beneficial chemicals. One of them is potassium. The main advantage of this mineral is to protect the heart and stabilize blood pressure.

By the way, chemical analysis showed that the concentration of potassium in quail eggs is much higher than in chicken eggs.

clean the body

Detoxing is an important process for the human body, especially in a world full of toxins, pollutants, and heavy metals. Studies have shown that quail eggs help cleanse the blood, eliminate toxic substances, and prevent the formation of kidney stones and the genitourinary system.

Preventing chronic diseases

Antioxidants are important to humans as ingredients that fight free radicals. This means that due to the antioxidants, the risk of developing tumors and other chronic diseases is significantly reduced. In this regard, quail eggs – an indispensable product, which concentrates the reserve of one of the most powerful antioxidants – vitamin A.

Reducing allergic reactions

This product contains egg mucous protein, which acts as an anti-allergic agent once ingested.

Dishes from quail proteins in a natural way relieve or relieve allergy symptoms, including itching, runny nose and other external manifestations. Many pharmaceutical companies extract mucous eggs from quail products and make vaccines from them.


An impressive list of nutrients in the product makes these little eggs an effective source of energy. A portion of the product contains approximately 6 g of protein. That is why a quail egg breakfast can provide the body with energy for an active day, improve well-being and even mood, some researchers suggest replacing morning coffee with eggs. Both products are said to give almost identical energy charge.

Does not contain salmonella

Salmonella is a dangerous bacterium to humans and sometimes penetrates bird eggs. The reasons for this may be different: from the disease of the laying hen itself to improper conditions for keeping birds in the hen house. For this reason, doctors highly recommend eating meals that contain only fully prepared protein and yolk. This means that even with the slightest possibility of infection with eggs, fried eggs cannot be prepared with liquid yolk, as well as cocktails or creams with raw whites or yolks. But when it comes to quail product, there is no need to worry. This is probably the only egg that does not contain salmonella. This is explained by the fact that they contain large amounts of lysozyme that kills salmonella bacteria. Another reason is the body temperature of the quail. It is higher than that of chicken, and harmful bacteria do not survive at such heat.


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