sea salt benefits for health

Sea salt is a healthy alternative..and many benefits

Salt has a special place in the hearts of food lovers, and it has sparked widespread controversy over its damage to the health of the body, and we cannot deny that refined salt is one of the factors that cause high pressure, and warns against eating it for many sick and healthy people as well.

Recently, types of salt have spread, some of which are iodine-free, some are sodium-free, and including potassium salt, and the star of the spread has been the share of sea salt, because of its many benefits for the health of the body as a healthy and natural alternative to refined salt.

And the patients’ diet can be completely away from adding salt to foods, as the doctor advises, and we must adhere to these tips.

But the presence of sea salt, we consider it a blessing and has great nutritional value, in addition to having the effect of adding a delicious taste to food, it contributes to raising the rate of immunity in the body. Many companies that deal with healthy foods, including canned and dried ones, have noticed that adding sea salt to their products is more popular in commercial circles among people than refined salt.

Sea salt benefits for home

Raising the body’s immunity: Sea salt helps support the body’s immune system in its resistance to the flu virus and cold infection, and also helps relieve sinusitis by eating it instead of commercial and refined salt, and a lotion can be made to wash the sinuses and relieve congestion.

• Balance the alkalinity of the body: sea salt contributes to adjusting the acidity of the body, thus not being exposed to many diseases caused by an increase in the acidity of the body.

• Phlegm and the respiratory system: Sea salt helps to get rid of phlegm by placing a little sea salt on the tongue for a short period, then drinking a glass of water directly. You can inhale water vapor saturated with sea water by boiling the water, adding salt, and then inhaling it.

• Heart health: sea salt contributes to lowering cholesterol levels, preventing the accumulation of fatty plaques on the walls of blood vessels, regulating the heartbeat and preventing clots.

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Weight loss: It is an area of ​​controversy that sea salt can help get rid of accumulated fat, by increasing the secretion of digestive juices to digest foods faster, and thus getting rid of the accumulation of food waste in the intestine, which contributes to modifying the work of the digestive system, and getting rid of constipation;

• Skin diseases: sea salt contributes to balancing the nature of the skin and fighting eczema and psoriasis, by making a bath and a bathtub of sea salt, so that the skin can breathe again, restore its luster and support moisture in it. Exfoliation with sea salt also contributes to getting rid of damaged and dead skin by The peeling process is as follows:

1 tablespoon fine sea salt + 1 tablespoon lemon grated + 1 teaspoon turmeric oil. Mix the ingredients, massage the skin for five minutes, and then rinse the skin with lukewarm water.

• Diabetes: Sea salt can help reduce the need for insulin by helping to maintain healthy body sugar levels. Thus, sea salt may be an essential part of your diet if you are diabetic, or at risk of disease.

• Osteoporosis: The body stores sodium in the bones, and because sea salt is healthier than commercial salt, it increases calcium absorption more, and thus obtaining strong bones that fight osteoporosis.

• Muscular spasms: because sea salt contains potassium, it contributes to reducing muscle spasms, and contributes to better absorbing nutrients from food.

Stress and mood swings: Sea salt helps maintain two essential hormones in the body that help you deal better with stress. These hormones are serotonin and melatonin, which help you feel satisfied and relaxed, and sleep better at night.

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