Should I take creatine before or after workout

Owning an ideal athletic body full of muscle and free of fat is a dream of all men and one of the best materials that can be used to achieve this dream is creatine, so we will introduce you through our article on how to use creatine for beginners .

Some say that taking it about an hour before your workout will give the supplement enough time to enter your bloodstream and help you finish your workout successfully.

And if you are taking creatine daily, through the following workout, your body needs to replenish its stores of creatine, with this supplement at this time will sufficiently replenish your stores and help you get a great workout.

There are other opinions saying that taking creatine after exercise is the way to go, and studies were conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine and the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition to determine the way to use creatine before or after exercise.

When do you take creatine?

There is more than one way to take creatine and so far there is no specific time to take creatine, there is a study that says before exercise is the best, and there is a study that says after.

But the best time to take creatine wasn’t clear but probably the best time is when you’re nearing exercise time.

What are the benefits of creatine for women?

1/ Improving the courtship of women

Where it was found that creatine has a role in providing cellular energy, which makes it of great importance in conditions and hormonal changes that require energy, such as: pregnancy and menopause.

2/ Treating depression

Creatine is said to have a promising future in treating depression, but more studies are needed.

3/ Treat the signs of aging

 There are studies that state that using products containing folic acid and creatine help treat sun damage and wrinkles.

Amount of water with creatine

The daily amount of water you need to drink with creatine can be calculated using the formula {(weight (in kilograms ÷ 0.45359237) x 0.5}.

What is the loading period for creatine?

The first stage consists of two periods:

 1/ Download period

 Where it is consumed from 20 g of creatine for a period of 5-6 days or (0.3 g / 1 kg).

/ construction period

  2-3 g or (0.03 g / 1 kg) is consumed for 5 days.

Does creatine increase weight?

Some research has proven that creatine supplementation causes a rapid increase in body weight. After one week of taking a high dose of it, you may gain 1 to 3 kilograms. 

In the long term, studies have shown that body weight may continue to increase to a greater extent, but this increase in weight is the result of increased muscle growth as a result of water retention in muscle cells and not an increase in body fat.

Using creatine without exercise

If you want to know how to use creatine for beginners, it should be known that taking creatine without exercise or for people who are not bodybuilders should not take high amounts of creatine higher than those quantities they need daily.

This means that if you intend to take creatine without exercising, you must first limit the amounts of creatine that you eat from food.

If you find that these quantities are not enough, take a creatine supplement in small quantities so as not to exceed the daily permissible limit of creatine for the average person, which is 2-3 grams.

Creatine is naturally present in meat, so those who need to take creatine supplements are vegetarians because a vegetarian diet does not provide the amount of creatine that the body needs.

How to use creatine for beginners

Creatine for beginners is done by taking 5 grams of creatine per day until the muscles are full and saturated with phosphocreatine (the form that creatine turns into after entering the muscle when it interacts with phosphorous in the muscles).

 And then the effect of creatine begins and the results appear within two to three weeks.

1) How to use creatine with juice

Creatine powder can be mixed with juice to take advantage of some of the carbohydrates and essential nutrients.

The best way to mix with juice is to find a fresh juice blend that is pressed and preserved in a way that preserves the vitamins and minerals in the fruits and is free of added sugars.

2) How to use creatine with water

This regimen is continued in four doses per day for a week, after which the amount can be reduced to 10 g.

3) How to use creatine with protein

How to use creatine for beginners For people who like to drink water, especially with creatine, they should mix 5 grams of creatine in a bowl containing 250:200 ml of water, and eat it directly, in addition to eating an amount of water as well after a short period of time.

Using creatine with protein helps increase blood sugar maintenance, increase your ability to exercise effectively, lower blood cholesterol, and most importantly increase muscle size by:

The use of creatine by 5 grams if creatine is from powder, with one cup of whey protein about 30 minutes before exercise, because this stimulates the increase in energy in the body to make more effort during the exercise, and if it is in the form of capsules, the dose is two capsules with one cup From whey protein.

What happens after you stop taking creatine?

A set of symptoms appear when you stop taking creatine, such as:

1/ Feeling tired and exhausted.

2/ Decreased natural creatine production from the body.

3/ Decreased body weight and muscle size.

But these symptoms last for a week or two only and disappear after that, as the body secretes creatine from the body again.

What are the disadvantages of creatine for beginners?

Consuming creatine in large doses in excess of the body’s need and exceeding the athlete’s physical capabilities leads to some different health damages such as:

1/ Increased fluid retention inside the body and dehydration, especially when athletes neglect to consume the ideal daily amounts of water.

 2/ Excessive intake of creatine may also cause headaches and headaches, and in the most extreme cases, athletes can suffer kidney failure, especially when consuming very large amounts of creatine without exercising.

How long to use creatine for beginners?

Studies have shown that long-term use of creatine for a period of 21 months is generally higher.

 Thus, there are no clear reasons to suggest that it is necessary to stop taking creatine.

Creatine and erection

Some scientific studies have been conducted on groups who have been taking creatine for a regular period and have shown that there is a positive relationship between high creatine and high testosterone.

 Therefore, it can be said that creatine has a positive role in improving erection in men and sexual performance in general.

creatine supplement forms

Creatine comes in three forms:

1/ In the form of a powder to dissolve in liquids.

2/ capsules or pills.

3 / liquid creatine.

And here we have finished our article under the title How to use creatine for beginners , after we talked about the method of use, its benefits for women, the harms of using it in large quantities, and the available forms in it, and thus we have answered all the suggested questions.

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