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Green sorrel leaves are a popular dish in the Arab world, so what are its benefits? Is it a magic cure for many chronic and dangerous diseases, as some believe? Details from here about the benefits of sorrel.

Sorrel is one of the medicinal plants par excellence, and there are several different types of sorrel. It can also be introduced to your diet in several ways. What are the benefits of sorrel?

what is Sorrel benefits  ?

There are many different health benefits of sorrel because of its delicious leaves, and these are the most important of them:

1. Improve digestion
Once you add sorrel leaves to your soup, salad, or even lightly cook them with a little onion, you will get enough fiber to improve digestion and increase the efficiency of your digestive system.

In addition to fighting various digestive problems, such as: constipation , diarrhea, bloating, and gas.

2. Regulating blood pressure
Because sorrel leaves contain high levels of potassium, eating sorrel regularly will definitely help relieve pressure on the blood vessels in the body, thus regulating blood pressure levels .

Sorrel helps lower blood pressure and fight any problems that may cause heart disease.

3. Cancer resistance
Sorrel contains high levels of vitamin A and vitamin C, which makes these green leaves an excellent natural support source for the immune system, so sorrel may help fight cancer.

4. Promote eye health
Vitamin A, which is found in abundance and in high proportions in sorrel, is closely related to eye health, so eating sorrel helps to improve vision and reduce the chances of various eye diseases, such as: cataracts.

5. Maintain kidney health
Sorrel has been found to have a diuretic effect, which helps maintain kidney health.

As this benefit of sorrel makes it a food that helps stimulate the flow of urine and clean the kidneys and rid them of any toxins, water or excess salts.

6. Fight skin problems
Because sorrel leaves are rich in vitamin C and vitamin A, they are used to treat many skin problems and diseases in many ways, including:

Eat dried sorrel leaves to eliminate ringworm and itching and fight dry skin.
Use sorrel leaves topically on the face to prevent wrinkles and tighten skin.
Grind fresh leaves of sorrel and filter the liquid that comes out of them, then apply it topically to the itchy and irritated areas of the skin to treat them.
7. Drying up phlegm
Sorrel leaves have a well-known drying effect, as consuming these green leaves in sufficient quantities helps greatly to dry up and loosen phlegm in the body, which is especially beneficial for those with a cold, for example, or various respiratory diseases.

8. Reduce milk production
Sorrel leaves help to significantly reduce the production of breast milk, which is especially important for weaning women .

It is precisely for this reason that sorrel is not recommended for breastfeeding and pregnant women, as its effect on the pregnant woman and the fetus is unknown, and its effect on breast milk is negative as it reduces it.

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9. Other benefits of sorrel
There are many other benefits of sorrel as well, such as:

Improving blood circulation and raising energy levels in the body.
Control of blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.
Fighting mouth ulcers.
Strengthen bones and improve their health.
Excess weight loss.
Insomnia treatment.
Accelerate wound healing.
Anemia treatment.

Nutritional value of sorrel

The benefits of sorrel are due to what each 100 grams of sorrel leaves contains

water 93 g
Calories 22 calories
fiber 2.9 g
Proteins 2 grams
Calcium 44 milligrams
Iron 2.4 milligrams
magnesium 103 milligrams
phosphorous 63 milligrams
potassium 390 milligrams
Sodium 4 milligrams
zinc 0.2 milligrams
vitamin C 48 milligrams
Folic acid 13 micrograms
Vitamin A 4000 IU

Risks and Cautions 

Despite the benefits of sorrel, here are some caveats and risks associated with eating sorrel:

Sorrel contains a toxic substance, oxalic acid, so it is preferable to eat sorrel leaves in moderation for fear of kidney stones .
It is best not to cook sorrel in an iron or aluminum container, as the sorrel will develop an unpleasant metallic taste.
It is preferable for these groups to avoid sorrel completely:
pregnant women.
Breastfeeding women not at the time of weaning.
Asthma patients.
It is preferable to use juicy and small leaves rather than large leaves, as these may contain higher levels of oxalic acid.


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