The benefits of the hormone insulin for bodybuilding

Insulin is one of the main hormones in the body that is produced in response to different diets, as the hormone plays an important role in the process of storing glucose or blood sugar in the muscles and liver in the form of a glycogen compound, and insulin also contributes to building muscles and repairing damaged tissues by facilitating Action of amino acids, Does insulin contribute to bodybuilding?

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The benefits of the hormone insulin for bodybuilding

There is no authorization for the use of insulin in bodybuilding, but some athletes may use it because of the role of insulin in promoting muscle building, and the following are some of the benefits of insulin for bodybuilding:

Boost muscle building

Insulin does not directly contribute to building muscle, but it plays an important role in allowing proteins to enter the muscle building process. Its muscle building.

Improving the performance of some medications

It is believed that insulin contributes to the improvement of some other drugs used in bodybuilding, such as growth hormone and anabolic androgenic steroids, but there are not enough studies about the safety of following this method because of the risks it may have on the person, so it is necessary Be careful not to follow this method without medical advice.

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Improve carbohydrate storage

Some athletes may use insulin after completing exercise to help restore the normal supply of sugar in the muscles and restore muscle activity, in addition to the role of insulin in promoting the entry of amino acids into the muscles to contribute to muscle building.

The dangers of the hormone insulin for bodybuilding

Despite some of the benefits of insulin mentioned about promoting muscle building and bodybuilding, the use of insulin without direct medical advice and control has some severe health risks that may reach the point of death in some severe cases; That is why athletes have been banned from using the hormone insulin in international sports such as the Olympic Games.

The use of insulin by athletes and non-diabetics may lead to severe hypoglycemia and coma requiring emergency medical intervention; Therefore, it is necessary not to use insulin to build muscle at all without medical advice, and it is also worth informing other people around the person about his use of insulin to follow the appropriate emergency measures in the event of a severe drop in blood sugar or fainting. [3]

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