What do you eat on Dukan diet?

Dukan Diet in boring detail for quick slimming, diet is the use of specific amounts of food to maintain health, by following a diet that includes a group of foods that a person consumes, but with modification and regulation in the eating habits that a person has acquired from wrong eating habits or a certain culture, but in Every culture and every person has some favorite food or some morally forbidden food, or different tastes and food choices may be healthy or unhealthy.

The importance of the Dukan diet

    • These habits and food choices have an important role in maintaining health.
    • Recently, obesity has spread due to wrong habits and cultures.
    • Eating foods that are unbalanced in terms of their content of fats, carbohydrates, minerals, salts, etc., and the spread of fast food, so many people want to lose weight quickly, but it may be difficult to lose weight in a short time.
  • Recently, a lot of dieting systems have appeared, some of them are beneficial and some are harmful, and some are based on deprivation and others are nutritionally and healthy balanced.
  • Among these many systems, a diet called the Dukan Diet appeared for rapid and permanent weight loss, without returning to the previous weight again.

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What do you know about the Dukan diet?

  • It is a French diet named after the French doctor “Pierre Dukan”, who developed this diet plan, which is one of the most popular systems these days, which aims to lose weight quickly, as this diet helps to achieve this goal quickly without returning the previous weight quickly.
  • In this article, we explain everything related to the Dukan diet as a comprehensive guide that explains everything related to this diet in detail, as a reference that benefits everyone who wants to follow this diet and explains everything he needs to know, how to apply it, its money and what it has.
  •  The Dukan Diet has been classified by a team of specialists and experts in nutritional sciences, as one of the best diets in general, as it ranks 37th in the world in general.
  • If you are trying to lose weight, the Dukan diet will lose you a number of kilograms during the first week, and with continuity you reach the desired goal and your ideal weight, do not hesitate to follow this diet after reading this article.

Why is it the best among diets?

  • The Dukan Diet is one of the best diets in general for weight loss.
  • It is the best in commercial diet plans in the world.
  • Stay away from diabetes.
  • It helps to eat healthy.
  • Maintains heart health and the easiest diets to apply and follow.

The basis in the Dukan diet in boring detail for rapid slimming

Dukan Diet in boring detail for rapid weight loss
    •  In this theory calories are not the basis for weight loss, but the main dependence here on protein intake.
    • The Dukan Diet relies on protein to lose weight, and the reason for this is that it contains a large amount of fiber that helps fill the stomach after eating it and feel full for a longer period, because it takes longer to be fully digested.
  • It has fewer calories compared to foods rich in carbohydrates.
    The Dukan Diet helps to reduce the intake of carbohydrates so that they do not become the main source of energy needed by the body, forcing the body to consume fats stored in the body and convert them into energy as an alternative to faster weight loss.

 How to apply the Dukan Diet in boring detail for quick slimming?

In this diet, you must follow some basic rules for losing weight. It contains four stages, depending on the gradual, where in the first stage it is allowed to eat proteins, then in the second stage it is allowed to gradually introduce types of vegetables on certain and specific days into your diet, then in the second stage The third of this diet is adding many favorite foods that you yearn to eat in the previous stages such as cheese and bread, then in the last stage the stage of permanent stability, an end in this stage you are relatively free with some controls that should not be underestimated and then you are allowed after reaching your goal Eat “without excessive”.

Dukan Diet stages in boring detail for rapid weight loss

1- The first stage

  • The protein stage is the most severe stage than others, in order to determine what should be eaten and what is strictly prohibited.
  • It is allowed to eat beef without fat, rabbit meat, lamb, venison, chicken, as well as fish, liver, turkey, eggs, all kinds of vegetable protein and unprocessed dairy products, and low-calorie drinks are usually five days and weight loss may be from 4 to 7 kg approximately when Commitment.

2- The second stage

  • At this stage, some vegetables are added (such as cucumbers, zucchini, mushrooms, peppers and green salad).
  •  During this stage, you must alternate between eating “pure protein with one day in which we add vegetables to your table,” or eating protein for five days and five days of protein with vegetables, which is an option due to your personal freedom, and you can add some oats to your food to raise the percentage of fiber and high nutritional value.
  • You should lose weight at a rate of about 2 to 4 kg per week, depending on the Dukan Diet, you will continue to alternate with protein and vegetables until you reach your goal.

3- The third stage

  • It is considered a transitional phase for five days for every kilogram lost in the previous phase of the diet. You can eat as you wish, but by mixing the phases together.
  • You can eat the fruit you want every day, two slices of wholemeal bread and half a piece of cheese each week, two servings of starches such as pasta, rice or bread are allowed and three types of proteins.

 4- Fourth stage

  • It is a stage of stability, enabling you to eat what you want for six days of the week, provided that you do not deviate from what we learned during the previous stages.
  • Add oat bran to food in the amount of 3 tablespoons because it is necessary.
  • On the seventh day, the protein day, which we started with in the first stage, but it is more open in the menu, and this stage aims to continue for life on healthy food.

How easy is the Dukan Diet in boring detail for quick slimming?

If you want to follow a healthy diet like the Dukan Diet to achieve this goal, it is one of the easiest diets to follow, and the most guaranteed to maintain the weight we have reached. Diet for that to reach the desired weight and permanent stability, the weight we have reached and to obtain an ideal and healthy weight.

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