what’s high in protein and low in fat

We need protein because of the many benefits it provides to the body, so it is imperative that you get to know healthy foods rich in protein.

Many people think that red meat is the first and main source of protein (Protein), but in fact there are some other alternative foods to meat, and these are healthy foods rich in protein and may be the most beneficial for health.

Here is a list of healthy foods rich in protein as follows:

Healthy foods rich in protein

In the following, we will provide you with a group of healthy foods rich in protein:


Half a cup of lentils contains 12 grams of protein, and it is low in fat, which makes it a very useful and healthy food.

One of the advantages of lentils is that it helps reduce cholesterol in the blood, thus reducing the chances of developing cardiovascular diseases.


Each cup of chickpeas contains 11 grams of protein, and is characterized by helping you feel full without causing weight gain.

Chickpeas can be eaten   by boiling it, adding some spices and a little lemon to it.

 Peanut butter

The proportion of healthy protein in a cup of  peanut butter is approximately 28 grams, and it has a delicious taste and is loved by children and the elderly.

Peanut butter reduces appetite, but it may contribute to weight gain if you eat a lot of it.


Whether white beans or black beans,  both contain a similar proportion of protein, which is about 7 grams per cup, and beans are rich in dietary fiber important for the health of the body.

In addition to being a healthy protein-rich food, it contains folic acid, potassium, and vitamin B6.


Soybeans are one of the most important foods that contain a large proportion of protein, as one boiled cup is rich in 18 grams of protein, but it is recommended to eat the organic type of it.

It should be noted that 100 grams of cooked soybeans also contain the following main nutrients:

Nutritional content Quantity
energy 217 calories
Proteins 17 grams
Fats 15 grams
Dietary fiber 5.6 g
carbohydrates 7.7 g
Iron 4.8 milligrams

Chia seed

Chia seeds are one of the healthiest sources of protein, as a tablespoon of them contains 3 grams of protein.

In addition, chia seeds contain a large proportion of omega-3, which is important for heart health and helps burn body fat.

  Tuna fish

Nutritionists usually recommend eating tuna that is beneficial for the body, which is suitable for diets to give the body a great benefit with few calories.

A cup of tuna contains about 39 grams of protein, and 179 calories if you choose the oil-free type.

There is also a large proportion of protein in salmon, as every 100 grams of salmon contains 25 grams of protein.


It is considered a healthy and good food for the growth of the body and bones, and it is recommended that children eat it regularly, and each egg contains 6 grams of protein, and 78 calories.

It is worth noting that eating eggs has many other necessary health benefits.


Broccoli is one  of the foods rich in many beneficial elements for the body, the most important of which is healthy protein. A cup of chopped broccoli contains about 3 g of protein, as well as potassium, fiber and a group of vitamins.

What distinguishes broccoli from other nutrients and foods is that it is classified among the list of foods with many health benefits.


Nuts are one of the nutrients that carry many health benefits, especially for the heart. As for the protein content in nuts, it is found in a high percentage in almonds , estimated at about 3 grams of protein in 15 grams of almonds.

  Dairy products

It is preferable to choose low-fat dairy products, including: yogurt, milk, or cottage cheese to be a healthy and useful meal at the same time.

A box of skimmed yogurt contains 6 grams of protein and 24 calories, and the same amount of labneh contains 15 grams of protein and 60 calories, and every 200 milliliters of skimmed cow’s milk is rich in 8 grams of protein with approximately 32 calories. .

Cottage cheese is a low-fat dairy product, as each half cup of cottage cheese contains 13 grams of protein and approximately 52 calories.

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Daily protein requirement

After you know a group of healthy foods rich in protein, here is the recommended amount of daily need in the following:

Children 9-13 years old: 34 grams of protein.
Women: 46 grams of protein.
Men: 56 grams of protein.

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